The American Film Market 2017: A Preview

Every November, the film world comes together in a swanky hotel off the beach in Santa Monica, where film producers and distributors sell (or pre-sell) their latest movie concepts to buyers from around the world. Cannes might be the best known film market, although it’s far better known for the Film Festival aspect than the film market aspect, but the American Film Market (AFM) is one of the absolute must-attend events in the industry.

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The Ultimate Film List, Stage 1 – The Crème de la Crème

In my previous introduction to the Ultimate Film List, I explained at length the story behind the list, how it was created, and how the films listed were chosen. To sum it up, I created the Ultimate Film List as a list of “best of” film lists, to discover the world’s best films. In this first stage of films from the list, I give you the best of the best: films that everyone should see, if only to have a good baseline for what a good film actually is.

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