The comic tale of a diamond heist gone wrong fails to live up to the standard of it’s predecessor, this does not mean however that it does not have it’s moments. What makes “Snatch” stand out most from “Lock Stock” is the fact that major Hollywood star Brad Pitt not only plays one of the main characters but not one of the American characters. Brad Pitt plays Micky “One Punch” O’Neil an Irish Gypsy who loves his mam. Although his performance is somewhat disorientating, you can’t help thinking “That’s Brad Pitt”, he still manages to come across convincing.

Pitt’s performance though is not the one that shines in this gangland caper. Instead narrator from “Lock Stock,” Alan Ford, puts in the most believably scary performance (since Dennis Hopper’s Uncle Frank) as Brick Top a pig farming, illegal boxing promoter. Looking like an old Harry Palmer he is undoubtedly the star of “Snatch.”

The language and slang may be difficult for anyone north of Watford let alone US viewers, but if you like an authentically set film with entertaining characters and one liners then you will not be disappointed.

This reviewer hopes that Ritchie will attempt more serious thrillers in future just to see if he can do it but for now he is not disappointed with what he has achieved so far.

Rating: B