Terminator 3: When Non-News Is Still News

Despite shooting beginning in a mere six weeks, the casting call for John Connor continues. This morning, the word went out: any actor aged 20-24 who wishes to be considered for the role must have their VHS audition tapes to casting directors Randy Hiller and Sarah Halley Finn no later than this Friday.

An extremely complex role requiring tremendous emotional range and intensity as an actor. Aged a decade since we’ve last seen him, John is our haunted, soulful reluctant hero. He has been struggling with an uncertain future, not trusting that the nightmares which haunt him are over for good. Sensitive and highly intelligent, his internal conflict gives him a weight and depth that belies his young age and continues to keep us intrigued…

Our spy has also given us an outside but direct email address to the casting agents for this one role (t3casting@hotmail.com).


I Was An Extra In An Adam Sandler Movie

Yankee Stadium. The House That Ruth Built. Home of more World Series games than any other ballpark. As close to a baseball mecca as one will ever find.

This is my first visit to Yankee Stadium.

But there is no ballgame to

No, the way my life is, my first visit to Yankee Stadium is to be an unpaid extra for Anger Management, a new comedy with Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson.

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