News from January 28, 2001

Once upon a time, some guy made this really cool post-modern gangster flick. It grossed a boatload of money and won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. The film gave many people their first major introductions to some damn cool actors, while bringing a few out-of-favor actors back to the top of the game. And ever since then, we have had a rash of post-Tarantino crime flicks. most of which have been painful exercises to witness. They’ve come at us from America, from England, from Japan and Hong Kong and from most everywhere else in the world.

In Los Angeles on February 16th, the Danish will get their chance.

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News from January 22, 2001

The Golden Globe Awards are tomorrow night. By this time the HFPA hands these bad boys out, the eventual Best Picture Oscar is already a foregone conclusion. But without a clear front runner this year, the Globes take on some importance for a change. About the only sure things are Jim Carrey winning for “The Grinch” (boy, do they love him), the HFPA finding some way to honor non-nominee Angelina Jolie (they love her even more) and several people will give some rather bizarre speeches.

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