Vin Diesel Will Be My Bitch

After spending way too much time browsing through leather sex toys and fetish sites, I’ve decided on the newest addition to my collection. It’s a strapless black leather corset with studs that will just look so cute with my thigh high boots, studded collar, fishnet stockings, and leather whip. The getup is always a real crowd pleaser with my fuck toys (men), and I think they’ll like this new corset as well. Sometimes, after I’ve fucked and beat them until they pass out, I stay dressed up and whip my ass until it turns red, while watching “Pitch Black.”

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The Lesbian Militia Takes On A Crouching Tigrrr

Back from the brink of breederhood, I lit out for the mountains with a pack of Marlboros, my four cats, my AK-47, and the new Melissa Etheridge album. After I…well, after the batteries in my vibrator died their own little death, I panted down a fag and let my eyes drink the beauty of Earth-Mother’ s forest. I felt a warm sense of camaraderie with the great womyn womb-spirits, and my mind traveled…back to the beginning of the year, back to forests and fighting and yoni. Back to “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”

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Savant’s Tidbits

Hey everybody. Don’t have much in the way of news this morning, but I’ll run by a few quick things that are happening with your beloved

First, guess who’s in rehab this time? Ben Affleck, man. Ben’s an alkie. Good for him. I’d be an alkie too after two years in a West Hollywood apartment with Matt Damon. Best of luck to you, brutha.

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