Spotlove Does Toronto

Jesus, if one more fucking idiot bumps me in line with his Mama Cass-sized backpack, I’m going to force him to watch Joel Schumacher movies until his eyes burst… oops… back to my column…

Hey folks! The good Doctor’s here for a brief intro note from the 26th Annual Toronto International Film Festival. Bigger then Sundance, more accessible then Cannes, and way way cooler then Venice (but hey, what festival isn’t?), the TIFF has assuredly become Cinema Central for 10 days every September. Whether you’re Joe Eszterhas or Joe Public, there’s tickets available and lots to see. And, best of all, the TIFF doesn’t whore itself out to Hollywood. Sure, the studios are in here in tow, but with 60% of the features being non-English fare, this truly is a film festival, and not a Cannes-Cannes for the stars.

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Cannes Roundup

The 54th annual Festival International du Film de Cannes has ended, and yet another film you will likely never see won the Palme d’Or. The Son’s Room, Italian director Nanni Moretti’s tragicomedy about a psychoanalyst whose happy family life is shattered when his teen-age son dies in a freak diving accident, snagged the Boot’s first top Cannes prize in almost a quarter century. The film, which opened March 8th in Italy, has already earned $3.5M in its native country.

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