Golden Globe Foreign Nominees at the Aero & Egyptian Theatres January 7th-10th

Co-hosted by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the American Cinematheque will screen all of the 2008 Golden Globe nominees for Best Foreign Language Film, The Baader-Meinhof Complex, Everlasting Moments, Gomorrah, I’ve Loved You So Long, and Waltz with Bashir (all films subtitled in English), with all five nominated filmmakers in person at a FREE seminar January 10th.

Unless it falls into one of the main, more popular categories (Dramatic Film, Comedy Film, Actor, Actress, etc) it’s unlikely you’ll have the opportunity to see all five of the contenders for any given Golden Globe category. Especially when the category is one usually marked for extra credit in the office pool. But this year you may just beat out your office buddies because The American Cinematheque is making it easy to view what the Foreign Press deems to be nomination worthy.

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Oscar Handicap 2008: Best Picture of the Year

We conclude this year’s series of articles with the most important and prestigious award in all cinema.

Can one win an Oscar even though they appear in the lowest-grossing film nominated in that category? Or win in an acting category being the only one whose film is not also nominated for Best Picture? We took a look many of the major categories over the past 29 ceremonies (for the films of 1978 through 2006), as well as select statistical data from all 79 previous ceremonies, and found some surprising mathematical data, which may give some pause about who might win on February 24.

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Oscar Handicap 2008: Director

Here, we will look at the recent voting patterns for the category of Best Director.

(For explanations as to how our scoring system works, make sure to read our first article in the series, Best Picture of the Year, linked at the bottom of this article.)

The conventional thinking is that the Coens will win here as they are due to win an Oscar. Except they already have one, winning for Best Original Screenplay for Fargo back in 1997. It was their consolation prize for making a damn good movie but not being the sweeping epic like The English Patient the more-elderly voters prefer. While No Country is not the epic that, say, There Will Be Blood is, does it have the momentum to give them a directing award to sit alongside their writing one?

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