The American Film Market: Day Two

After missing yesterday’s opening day, I made sure to get myself down to Santa Monica to soak up information on hundreds of movies from around the world. Part of me would love to say I was looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack, that big-budget title with an A-list cast and director, but where’s the fun in that? I’d much rather go hunting for movies that look interesting, or at least could be ironically interesting, that won’t be as heavily covered by other outlets.

And, boy, did I find some!

But to get the elephant out of the room first… this is the first time in who knows how long that there is no presence from a Weinstein Company, which in some ways is a little sad. Not to defend the namesakes of the company in any way, but there are a number of good people whose lives are now in limbo because of the disgusting predilections of their boss(es), many of whom likely had little to no knowledge of what was going on away from the offices. (As someone who has worked for an independent production and distribution company years ago, I of course heard whisperings of of on-set hookups between actors and crew members during shooting and other rumors of hijinks and shenanigans, but since I was never on set, I could never know exactly what happened there. I had also heard rumors that one of my co-workers, someone who worked in the art department, was a real skeeveball, but even when we were doing DVD intros in the offices with half-naked women running around with pasties covering their areolae, I never specifically witnessed this co-worker bring skeevy, although to this day I have no doubts he is. He just gave off a skeevy vibe.)

I was also disappointed to hit room 708 and see this…

Nothing against IndustryWorks, but that’s been Troma’s room for many years, and I was really looking forward to seeing Lloyd Kaufman and his wonderful wife Pat. An AFM Market without Troma is like a Hostess cupcake without the creamy center filling. Probably still pretty good but still a bit disappointing. But IndustryWorks did have a nice spot where one could take a #SelfieFromHell and share it with the world. I love fun promos like that, even if I would never do one myself.

What I like to do on my first day at AFM is, much to the consternation of my ever-patient wife, to grab a whole lot of promotional materials, to read through and decide which titles or companies I want to highlight. By the time I get through my first round, I’ve got a goodie bag nearly overflowing with flyers and brochures and magazines that I’m easily lugging around 15-20lbs of stuff.

Day Two promo stuff
Day Two promo stuff

And all that was just after one hour!

So while I will take the rest of the day to decide what to write about, and hopefully set up an interview or two with some iconic filmmakers, here’s a small taste of some of the things I saw today…

And one that I will definitely not be covering further…