The Mystery Of MoviePoopShoot.Com Revealed!

Last evening around 1AM in Jersey, Kevin Smith logged into the bulletin board on his View Askew site and launched into a brief but succinct damnation of some never before heard of movie news site called Movie Poop Shoot. All the View Askewheads rushed right over to check what all the hub bub was about. Turns out the site is nothing more than Smith-created parody of sites such as ours, no other purpose than the ability to download the brand spanking new trailer for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Or does it?

Clued in by the News Askew note about the site, I sent my very best midget ninja assassin to track down and find out what the hell is going on. Pygmy #20902 (whom we here at the home office affectionately call “Banky”) is the best in the business, and he came back with an interesting tale and an even scarier photo…

The proprietor of MPS is Harry Balls. A no-so-subtle dig at you know who. Conspicuously absent from the site, however, are any pictures of Harry Balls. Except for a fat ass. Now, as we all know, the real life counterpart is a press hog. Never met a camera he didn’t love. Not a great parody site without 100 pictures of the guy all over the place.

Or is itr

#20902 knows why. Because Harry Balls makes an appearance as himself in the movie! Seems Kevin pulled the Golgothan costume from Dogma out of mothballs, threw on a red beard and dyed mop on its visage…

And placed it outside the Bluntman and Chronic premiere scene, away from the main action, where it rightfully belongs…

You can catch the trailer for J&SBSB over at News Askew.