How The Oscar Predictions Went

The 73rd Annual Academy Awards have come and gone. How did the predictions go?

Category Edward Lucian JFields
Best Picture Gladiator Traffic Gladiator
Best Director Ang Lee Ang Lee Ang Lee
Best Actor Russell Crowe Ed Harris Russell Crowe
Best Actress Julia Roberts Julia Roberts Julia Roberts
Supporting Actor Benecio Del Toro Willem Dafoe Benecio Del Toro
Supporting Actress Kate Hudson Judi Dench Kate Hudson
Original Screenplay Almost Famous Almost Famous Almost Famous
Adapted Screenplay Traffic Wonder Boys Chocolat
Foreign Language
Crouching Tiger Crouching Tiger
Art Direction Gladiator
Cinematography Gladiator
Costume Design Gladiator
Documentary Feature In The Kindness of
Documentary Short Dolphins
Editing Gladiator
Makeup The Grinch
Original Score Crouching Tiger
Original Song Things Have
Things Have
Short, Animated The Periwig-Maker
Short, Live Action One Day Crossing
Sound Gladiator
Sound Effects Editing U571 U571
Visual Effects The Perfect Storm
Final Totals 14 for 23 (61%) 5 for 11 (45%) 5 for 8 (63%)

Had I gone for what I wanted to win instead of who I thought would win, I would have scored about the same. I would have gotten Soderbergh and Harden, but lost “Gladiator” as Best Picture for “Traffic.”

Better luck next year.