The Early Report for April 30, 2002

A quick look at the upcoming releases.

May 1

Hollywood Ending (DreamWorks): This year’s Woody Allen comedy features the Woodman as a washed up director who gets one more chance, thanks to his ex-wife (Tea Leoni), who is dating the head of a studio . Opens in one screen in New York and Los Angeles on May 1 before expanding to 750 playdates on Friday. Rated PG-13 for some drug references and sexual material. 114 minutes. 1.85:1. SR, SRD, SDDS, DTS

May 3

ABC Africa (New Yorker): Acclaimed Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami takes a digital camera to Uganda for this documentary look at the plight of orphaned children with AIDS in that country. In English and Farsi with English subtitles. New York City exclusive. Unrated. 84 minutes. 1.85:1

Deuces Wild (MGM/UA): Matt Dillon, Stephen Dorff, Frankie Muniz, Brad Renfro and James Franco topline Scott Kalvert’s long dormant gang drama about a rivalry in 1950s Brooklyn. Wide (1450 playdates). Rated R for strong violence, language, some drug content and brief sexuality. 97 minutes. Scope. SR, SRD

Fleeing By Night (Strand): Period Chinese romantic drama about a small town girl in the 1930s is torn between two men, her fiancee who has become a fine cellist in America, and a local actor. New York and Los Angeles. Not Rated. 119 minutes. 1.85:1

Home Movie (Cowboy): Chris Smith appeared out of nowhere a couple years ago with his hilarious documentary American Movie. Now he’s back with a new documentary, this time training his camera on five unusual homes across America, including one built inside an abandoned missile silo and another that could double as the lair of an evil genius in some cheap Superman knockoff. New York City exclusive, Los Angeles on 5/24. Not Rated. 60 minutes. 1.85:1.

The Mystic Masseur (THINKfilm): Ismail Merchant of Merchant-Ivory fame moves from the producers chair to direct this adaptation based on VS Naipaul’s novel about a young aspiring author whose unexpected talents as a healer makes him a national hero in 1950s Trinidad. New York City exclusive. Not Rated. 117 minutes. 1.85:1

A Shot At Glory (Mac Releasing): A Scottish soccer coach (Robert Duvall) is forced by the American owner of his team (Michael Keaton) to bring in a marquee player or the team will be moved out of the city that it has called home for over a century. First tier of release will be in Los Angeles and six other markets (225 runs). Rated R. 114 minutes. 1.85:1. SR, SRD

Spider-Man (Columbia): Do you really need me to surmise this film for you? Saturation (3500+ playdates). Rated PG-13 for stylized violence and action. 121:11 minutes. 1.85:1. SR, SRD, SDDS-8, DTS

Warm Water Under A Red Bridge (Cowboy Pictures): Japanese erotic comedy from Japanese master filmmaker Shohei Imamura. New York exclusive. Not Rated. 119 minutes. 1.85:1. SR

Expansions and Reopeners:
Baran (Miramax): Limited expansion. Top 10 markets. Rated PG. 95 minutes. 1.85:1
The Cat’s Meow (Lions Gate): Expansion to select markets. Rated PG-13. 112 minutes. 1.85:1. SR, SRD
Murderous Maids (Rialto): Opens Los Angeles. Not Rated. 94 minutes. 1.85:1. SR

May 10

The Cockettes (Strand): San Francisco exclusive

Hell House (Seventh Art): Austin

Janice Beard: 45 Minutes Per Word (Empire Pictures): New York and Los Angeles

The Lady And The Duke (Sony Pictures Classics): New York and Los Angeles
Lagaan (Sony Pictures Classics): New York City
The New Guy (Columbia): Wide (2000+ playdates)
Unfaithful (20th Century Fox): Wide (2000+ playdates)
Enigma (Manhattan Pictures International): Limited expansion

May 16

Star Wars: Episode II Attack Of The Clones (20th Century Fox): Saturation (6500 prints in 3300 theatres)

May 17

About A Boy (Universal): Wide (2500+ playdates)
The Believer (IDP): New York and Los Angeles
The Importance Of Being Earnest (Miramax): Limited, expands to top 40 markets on 5/24
Late Marriage (Magnolia): New York and Los Angeles. Chicago opens on 5/31, expands on 6/5.

May 24

C.Q. (MGM/UA): New York City and Los Angeles
Enough (Sony): Wide (2000+ playdates)
Insomnia (Warner Bros.): Wide (2000 playdates)
Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron (DreamWorks): Wide (2500+ playdates)