The Early Report for April 12, 2002

All films scheduled to open Friday unless otherwise noted.

The Triumph Of Love (Paramount Classics). Romantic comedy from Clare Peploe (sister of Bernardo Bertolucci, cowriter of Michelangelo Antonioni’s Zabriskie Point and a director in her own right) featuring Oscar® winners Mira Sorvino and Ben Kingsley. Opens in New York and Los Angeles on Wednesday 4/17 (five runs), with a limited expansion on Friday 4/19 (18 runs). Rated PG13 for some nudity and sensuality. 107 minutes. 1.85:1. SR, SRD

Chelsea Walls (Lions Gate): Ensemble drama centered around New York’s infamous Chelsea Hotel,directed by Ethan Hawke and starring Vincent D’Onofrio, Kris Kristofferson, Robert Sean Leonard, Natasha Richardson, Uma Thurman, Marisa Tomei, Christopher Walken, and Steve Zahn. New York City exclusive (3 to 4 runs). Rated R for language. 112 minutes. 1.85:1 (shot on digital). SR, SRD

Enigma (Manhattan Pictures International): Dougray Scott, Kate Winslet and Jeremy Northam topline Michael Apted’s latest drama, concerning a group of British codebreakers during WWII. New York, Los Angles, Chicago. Rated R for a sex scene and language. 117 minutes. 2.40:1

Girls Can’t Swim (Wellspring Media): French Drama from writer/director Anne-Sophie Birot.Limited. NR. 10 2 minutes. 1.85:1. SR

Joshua (Artisan): Christian family drama starring Tony Goldwyn as a stranger to a midwest town who might be the second coming of Christ. Also stars Oscar® winner F. Murray Abraham and Giancarlo Giannini. Based on the first in a series of novels which have sold over 40 million copies worldwide. Limited (225 runs). Rated G. 90 minutes. 1.85:1. SR, SRD, DTS

Murder By Numbers (Warner Bros.): Psychological suspense thriller with Sandra Bullock, Ryan Gosling, Michael Pitt and Ben Chaplin. Wide release (2300+ runs). Rated R for violence, language, a sex scene and brief drug use. 125 minutes. 1.85:1. SR, SRD, SDDS, DTS

Murderous Maids (Rialto): Sylvie Testud and Jean-Marie Parmentier star in director Jean-Pierre Denis’s film, based on the true story of two chambermaids who brutally murdered their baroness and her daughter. New York and Los Angeles. NR. 94 minutes. Flat. SR

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (IFC): Comedic drama based on writer/star Nia Vardalos’s semi-autobiographical play. Also stars John Corbett, Andrea Martin and *NSYNCer Joey Fatone. Produced by Rita Wilson through her husband Tom Hanks’s company Playtone. Limited (9 markets, 100 runs). Rated PG for sensuality and language. 95 minutes. Flat. SR

Nine Queens (Sony Pictures Classics): Argentinian Mystery Drama, winner of several 2001 Argentina Film Critics Association Awards including Best Film. New York and Los Angeles exclusive. Rated R for language. 115 minutes. 1.85:1. SR

The Scorpion King (Universal): Action adventure with WWF wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and former Oscar® nominee Michael Clarke Duncan. Saturation release (3000+ runs) on Friday, 4/19. Rated PG13 for intense sequences of action violence and some sensuality. 92 minutes. 1.85:1. SR, SRD, SDDS, DTS

World Traveler (THINKfilm): Julianne Moore and her husband, writer/director Bart Freundlich, reteam for this drama which also features Karen Allen and Billy Crudup. New York and Los Angeles. Rated R for language and some sensuality. 103 minutes. 1.85:1


Behind The Sun (Miramax): Top 7 markets (7 runs). Rated PG13. 94 minutes. 2.40:1. SR, SRD

Lucky Break (Paramount): 8 additional runs. Rated PG13. 109 minutes. 2.40:1. SR, SRD, DTS