Win a set of posters from La La Land

One of the worst things about working at a movie theatre is that you see a trailer for a film that gets you excited for that film, you see that trailer dozens of times for months and months… and then the film comes out and you find yourself greatly disappointed by it. The trailer, and the other parts of the marketing machine, did its job effectively. It got you excited to see the film. But alas, the best parts of the film were in the trailer. It really sucks when it happens, and it happens far too often.

Thankfully, that was not the case with “La La Land.”

One of the best things about working at a movie theatre is that you get to see snippets of your favorite movies over and over again, and you really get to appreciate all the work that went in to the movie. Like in this scene, one of my favorites of the film…

A live exterior shooting location, a very tiny shooting window in order to capture the “magic hour” glow of the horizon, and synchronized singing and dancing with two actors not particularly known for either, all while the camera swoops around on a crane. And what you might not have noticed the first (and likely, only) time you watched it was that there is not a single edit in the full four-minute sequence. “A Lovely Night” is movie magic at its most magical in a movie full of the most magical movie magic. That it takes so much of the magic of my hometown makes “La La Land” not only the Best Picture of 2016 but one of my Top Ten movies of all time, and to help re-launch FilmJerk, I would like to offer one lucky winner four original theatrical posters for the movie.

The contest is simple. Post below before 4pm Pacific Time on February 26, 2017 with your favorite sequence from a Los Angeles-based movie, and what you liked about it. I’ll choose my favorite response and contact the winner via private message.
Good luck!