The Scavo kids are all (well, almost) growed up on "Desperate Housewives"

News items in the TV community come in each day here to We catch the minutia that falls through the cracks, and discuss them more in depth than most probably deserve.  Today’s couch includes info on “Criminal Minds,” “Desperate Housewives,” “Heroes,” “Pushing Daisies” and “Weeds.”

There’s a doctor with a lazy eye testifying for the plaintiff in Boston Legal episode 5.01 “Smoke Signals.”

The Cold Case team looks into the thirty year old murder of teen girl Missy Gruber who disappeared from a roller rink and was found dead later that night in episode 6.04 “Roller Girl.” She was a nice girl until she started to wear makeup and dress provocatively, and then she gets murdered. No, we’re not trying to send a message here at all!

Criminal Minds rips a page from the real life events unfolding in the polygamist cult in Texas in episode 4.03. A 15 year old wife apparently very much in love with her Colorado cult leader husband is interviewed by Child Protective Services. The team uses the young bride’s mother’s protective nature to take down the cult leader.

As if you couldn’t guess by that dinger of a season finale, Desperate Housewives will have teenage Porter and Preston Scavo next season as regulars. As if poor Lynette doesn’t have enough to deal with. At least little Parker, 14 now and a nice little techno-geek, can give her some relief. Maybe now that Penny is older, she’ll have an actual role on the showr

A popular former classmate contacts Melinda in Ghost Whisperer episode 4.02 “Big Chills.” Grace Adams thinks her dead friend Lucas is haunting her after she discovers his body. Secrets come to light that Grace, Lucas and their other friend have covered up an accidental death that happened ten years ago instead of reporting it to the police. Wait, this is the plot of “I Know What You Did Last Summer”… the well is that dry alreadyr What’ll happen in the next episode, Melinda flashes back to her high school graduation, where she and her classmates try to find themselves at a keggerr

Heroes episodes 3.05 and 3.06 have the appearance of Eric Doyle, a big nasty old-ish white dude into controlling others.

Seth Green appears on My Name is Earl next season as Buddy, and his character appears in a flashback as a young kid. Also showing up is one of Earl and Randy’s parents’ neighbors, Mr. Clark, a sissy man who cries easily.

In Nip/Tuck episode 5.21 “Allegra Calderella,” Liz’s lesbian friend Tess throws her a party.

Pushing Daisies episode 2.03 “Bad Habits” features the reunion of Olive, Ned, Chuck and Emerson, as they look into the possible murder of a nun at a convent. Sister Larue, the nice nun who croaks is not as sweet and innocent as she appears though.

Sarah and Brian try to create a new word in Sarah Silverman Program episode 2.15 “Kangamangus.” Also, the editor-in-chief of the Oxford English Dictionary decides to honor Brian by including his word in the latest edition. Next thing we know, “pwned” will be named the American Dialect Society’s Word of the Year.

Grace is outraged in Saving Grace episode 2.06 “Are You an Indian Princessr” when an average Joe father kills his wife and tries to burn his 6 year old son to death.

In Scrubs episode 8.07, pretty sorority girl Paige goes in to have a cyst removed and ends up with a scar on her face.

Weeds episode 4.10 brings Kucho, a wise Indian Shaman, who is a sort of spiritual guide, and Umparo, a teen Mexican girl who is frightened as she makes it out of Mexico.