Running away to the circus and pooping in bed? I’ve been away too long.

News items in the TV community come in each day here to We catch the minutia that falls through the cracks, and discuss them more in depth than most probably deserve.  Today’s couch includes info on “The Closer,” “Dexter,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Pushing Daisies” and “Scrubs.”

In Big Love episode 3.03, “Prom Queen,” Cindy’s husband Ted is approached by Bill, who is desperate to stop Cindy’s anti-gambling crusade. Also, Margene’s mother dies and was cremated because they couldn’t find Margene.

Exile in Bakersfield? A woman hires someone to kill her husband, too bad she hires Lt. Provenza undercover in episode 4.05 of The Closer, and ends up falling for him. To even things out, Provenza loses all his evidence.

Cold Case episode 6.03, “Wednesday’s Women,” has an investigation of a Tupperware woman murdered in the deep south, possibly by a KKK member who found out she was helping young blacks. She should have sold Amway.

Season 3 of Dexter starts shooting June 9th, and Dexter tracks down a creepy looking carnival employee murderer. That’ll teach those idiots from choosing a carnival over Disney World!

Dirty Sexy Money episode 2.04 “The Monster” has Tripp encountering a very large teenager at Carmelita’s beauty shop who is very protective of Carmelita.

In the ER episode “Parental Guidance” they’re channeling the spirit of “The Bad Seed” when a single mom brings in her two daughters, one who fell, and it turns out the other has been hurting her sister and is quite crazy. It’s always the quiet ones.

Melinda tries to help a shy, angsty ghost who died in a fire she may have started herself in Ghost Whisperer season 4 premiere “Firestarter.” Oh yeah, she can also start fires as a ghost, but it’s okay because she was a foster kid and was abused.

The It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia gang decide to do an Extreme Home Makeover of their own on their neighbors, and kidnap the poor Juarez family to do their good deed, in episode 4.01. The poor Hispanic family thinks the gang is INS, and go along with the weird makeover plans. Don’t worry, Frank gets stabbed in the leg. In episode 4.06, someone is pooping in Frank and Charlie’s bed, so they stick it in Tupperware to have it analyzed. In episode 4.05 “Frank Buys a Billboard,” Frank buys a billboard to advertise the bar and everyone wants on it, including a guy willing to eat cockroaches and hot models.

The new Knight Rider will feature some real winner characters: Billy Morgan, the typical quirky nerdy tech type to work in research; Donovan Keegan, the boss at Knight Research, genius army type who could be good or bad; and finally the hot young receptionist, Zoe Paige, a ditzy hippy with depth. Please note, all I know about the original show is that it had Hasselhoff and a talking car. For all I know, these characters are old hat.

Kyle gets into a car accident with a pregnant teen who goes into labor in Kyle XY episode 3.05. Naturally, everyone is fine and he delivers the baby. Is anyone else puzzled by the choices of shows on ABC Family? Fraternities and pregnant teens… who is running this network… the Lohans? The Spears?

My Name is Earl episode 4.02 has Earl and his dad getting their asses kicked by a girl, as Earl tries to make up for stealing an RV.

The arrival of Liz’s spitfire mother, finally! Nip/Tuck episode 5.21 has the appearance of Mariela Cruz.

In Psych episode 3.06 “Talk Derby To Me,” our heroes check out a roller derby murder. Yay, hot chicks on skates!

Finally one I’m really excited about! The second season of Pushing Daisies starts filming! In episode 2.02 “Circus Circus,” Ned helps Emerson look for a missing teenage girl who may have run away to the circus. Also, a nun makes sure Olive says her prayers…

Filming for the new season of Scrubs, now on ABC is underway, and in episode 8.07, the doctors treat a teenage girl, Brianna, with a rare immune system disorder, and has to put up with her overprotective mother.