The Triumphant Return of the Casting Couch!

News items in the TV community come in each day here to We catch the minutia that falls through the cracks, and discuss them more in depth than most probably deserve. Catching up after our extended break, today’s call includes info on “Big Love,” “ER,” “Heroes,” “How I Met Your Mother” and “Weeds.”

In Episode 2.05 of Army Wives, new mom Carol has to deal with being redeployed and leaving her daughter in foster care.

Big Love’s Season 3 premiere “Block Party” has the introduction of Bill’s teenage half brother, Franky, who got kicked out of the compound for kissing a girl marked for one of the other old pervs. Bill takes him in because he can’t get him back into the compound. Also, Nicki starts working at the law office who is handling her father’s prosecution.

Season 2 of Californication has started filming, and in episode 2.02 “The Great Ashby” a drunk biker guy cools off in the clink. The third episode brings a new love interest for Becca, a cute music-savvy kid who is the male version of her. Am I the only one a little creeped out?

The sixth season of Cold Case opens with “Glory Days” where the team investigates the murder of a popular college football player from the 70’s. Because all the unpopular football player murders were solved long ago…

The final season of ER has a few new med students, including a set of attractive boy and girl fraternal twins, a perky yet conniving blonde, and a married Hispanic father.

Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas’ new show Good Behavior (one of two new shows he has premiering this fall, woohoo!) is still looking for a series regular, a sexy African-American detective dude who has an amiable relationship with family matriarch Jackie West.

The new season of Heroes will have a tough German criminal, and a Japanese private eye in episode 2. In the third episode, an old German scientist regrets the research he did in the past. Here’s hoping those damn Krauts can help the show recover from an abysmal second season slump, mach schnell!

Looks like Marshall may have changed his mind in the How I Met Your Mother episode “Miracles.” He’s groveling to one of the senior partners at his ex-employer, who isn’t too pleased with the way Marshall left.

Little Dr. Raj gets a visit from his hardass doctor father on Nip/Tuck episode 4.18, entitled “Robert Leveaux.”

Grace and Ham have their work cut out for them in Saving Grace episode “A Little Hometown Love,” when a fellow cop is murdered in a cop bar’s bathroom. Good thing Ham’s little brother is on leave from his tour in Iraq to help out, and also arm wrestle.

Still kicking, ’Til Death episode “Joy Ride” has Eddie being persuaded to buy a car from a hot chick. Yeah, the missus will love that.

Two and a Half Men has Evelyn being escorted by a hot gigolo (NOT Charlie Sheen) to the movies.

Will & Grace creators David Kohan & Max Mutchnick are still looking for two regulars for their currently Untitled Pilot. “Firefly” alum Alan Tudyk has already been cast as Drew, a gay man who runs a web-design firm with his best friend Derek. In one of those cutesy coincidences which only happens on TV, Derek and his girlfriend fear they may have a baby on the way, while Drew and his lover are anxious to see if their surrogate has conceived their child. They’re still looking for Derek, a cute decidedly straight guy, and Christopher, Drew’s WASPy lover.

A pregnant Honduran tries to cross the border into the US with an abusive coyote in Weeds episode “The Three Coolers.” For some reason Andy tries to help her. In the seventh episode, we meet Lisa, another pretty single mom, who runs a cheese shop.