Janeane Garafalo Has a New Show! So Does Spike Lee!

Casting calls and news items in the film and TV community come in each day here to FilmJerk.com. Amy Lawrence catches the minutiae that falls through the cracks, and discusses them more in depth than most of them probably deserve. Today’s call includes notices on a new character on “The Sopranos,” and stuff on shows in both “CSI” and two “Law & Order” universe.

As the World Turns: Jill is a new character and will be on the show for the next three years, at least. She‘s in her 20‘s and strong and independent

CSI: In Episode 323 entitled “Inside the Box,” an associate of the team is murdered in a bank robbery and the team takes it personally.

CSI Miami: Episode 124, “Body Count,” has 7-year-old Emma kidnapped by an escaped prisoner. Stewart Otis was in jail with Emma’s father, who helped Stewart escape and was killed in the attempt. Emma’s mother also assisted with the prison break, and is horrified at the results of her actions.

The Division: Episodes 65 and 66 are really a two-parter. Captain Leo Spivey takes over the Division in Kate’s absence. He’s weak and doesn’t support his staff. As escaped prisoners remain at large, Spivey’s frustration leads to him firing people, unless he gets fired first.

Law and Order Criminal Intent: In “Person of Interest,“ Dr. Dan Croydon loses his job at the defense department due to delinquent child support payments. He becomes sort of a loose cannon who may be involved with anthrax smuggling.

Law and Order Special Victims Unit: DEA Agent Will Donovan is devastated when a young agent in his charge is raped and murdered by a member of the Rojas drug operation in “Loss.”

Monk: “Mr. Monk Goes to the Circus” when the ex-husband of the star performer is murdered. Monk is sure to be unhinged by elephant poo in this, the forth episode of Season 2.

My Roommate is a Big Fat Slut: Carsey Werner is filming this for Oxygen. After being dumped, Marjorie tells her friend Jane that she has to “get out there,” unintentionally creating a monster! Really! And this is scripted, not a reality show!

Slice O‘ Life: Janeane Garafalo is Lee Esposito in the half hour pilot for ABC. She plays a producer for an award-winning, hard-hitting news program, except she produces the crappy human interest segment with a crew of misfit leftovers. Her P.A. is an ex-lawyer, her camera and sound men argue constantly, and her correspondent is basically Ted Baxter. Can’t wait!

The Sopranos: Carmela finds a new beau in Robert Wegler, a sensitive Alan Alda type. Also, A.J. gets a tutor, and maybe a parole officer!

Sucker Free City: Spike Lee is doing this series for Showtime. K LUV and Nick are yin and yang, but they each have a dream to make money at the game. They work together to consolidate their hustles into a street gang enterprise. Nick is white and born to hippy parents. K Luv prefers to use his mind to a gun to succeed in the gang world. Can Spike succeed with this trite plotline? I hope so.