Heather Locklear’s Show & The Man Show Gets Juggies!

Casting calls and news items in the film and TV community come in each day here to FilmJerk.com. Amy Lawrence catches the minutiae that falls through the cracks, and discusses them more in depth than most of them probably deserve. Today’s call includes notices about Stephen Botcho’s new HBO show, a new character on “Seventh Heaven” and many other shows…

All My Children: Paulina Kundera is Lena’s mother who visits her daughter and stirs up trouble. Also, Carlos has a younger sister, Linda, who is extremely possessive of him, and and older friend of the family who is his mentor. His story line is expanding.

CrazyLove: Jonathan Silverman and Peter MacNicol have been cast in this new parent comedy.

The District: Episode 322, “Into The Sunset,” will be directed by Craig T. Nelson. The cops go South of the Border and work with Mexican police to bust mafia boss “El Tio.”

The Division: In Episode 063, “Diagnosis,” online dating leads to murder and Kate struggles to recover from a stroke.

Gilmore Girls: The graduation episode will include flashbacks of Rory’s life, including when she was a little girl. Also, Paris’s folks may not show up for the ceremony, but her nanny and her nanny’s family will. Poor Paris.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: The show needs twin girls between the ages of 7 and 14. It doesn’t say for what.

Judging Amy: Episode 464, “The Spring of Our Discontent,” could lead to big changes as Amy is offered a new job in criminal court.

Law And Order: In “Couples,” Rafael’s wife is murdered, a cheating husband is run over by his wife and Mitch’s pregnant wife is missing. All of our couples have secrets and lies.

Law and Order Special Victim’s Unit: In “Manic,” a depressive woman is determined that her son will not suffer the depression she has been battling. She gets him an experimental drug whose side effects create disastrous results.

The Man Show: They are looking for the “Juggie Girls.” No further explanation is necessary, is it?

Marriage: Stephen Bochco and Alison Cross are creating this for HBO. Lindsay and David have a great marriage, except that she wants kids and he doesn’t. All their priorities are turned around when Lindsay finds a lump in her breast.

Once Around the Park: Heather Locklear is the lead in this pilot for NBC.

The Opposite Sex: More information on this pilot starring Eve. The first episode revolves around a bachelor party, a wedding, and a date who takes Shelley (Eve) to see “E.T. the Movie.”

Playmakers: ESPN is filming a drama about football. A drama!

Seventh Heaven: The extended Camden family grows by one with Joe, the son of an officer serving in Iraq.

Stargate SG-1: A clan of Amazon rebel warriors can’t live without their Goa’uld symbiotes. The team offers them a solution but the girls don’t like it. “Birthright” was written by Christopher Judge and will be directed by Peter Woeste. For this they cancelled “Farscape”…

The West Wing: The private side of the Bartlets is shown, as they have dinner with old friends who also have a kid graduation from college.

Who Wants to Meet My Dad: This new reality show needs no explanation. But feel free to shudder and say “ick”.