Diary of the Dead

George A. Romero has a new flick in the cineplex. So grab the kids and head out this weekend to see one of the best fun-filled family adventure since Home Alone! Come on, its George A. Romero for Lazarus sake. The Godfather of rotting flesh, the Zeus of Zombies, The King of the Undead.

This sure ain’t no G Rated Family Film, no it’s what Romero does best, so if John Ford “Made Westerns”, then George A. Romero makes “Zombie Flicks”. His fifth one to be exact, and while the first four (Night, Dawn, Day and Land) followed a certain time line they all adhered to, this one does not. It is a stand alone Dead film, George A. Romero’s Diary of the Dead, which begins with news footage of the Dead coming back to life and chomping on the flesh of the living , spreading the Dead disease to anyone close enough to get bit or devoured. A group of film students are filming an un-dead film of their on in the forests of Pennsylvania, when they hear the news about the outbreak. not sure to believe the story or not they get into a Winnebago and off they go to find their loved ones if there is any truth to the news reports. Jason the Director of the student film has always wanted to be a Documentary Filmmaker, so he sets out to document this diary of the dead, and shot in first person camera style along the lines Ruggero Deodato’s Cannibal Holocaust and The Blair Witch Project.

With his usual sense of the macabre and social commentary and political satire, Romero has fashioned another Zombie film that this time takes a look at the dissemination of news from the mainstream (cable and network television), to the people ( blogs, youtube, cell phones, etc). He takes jabs at the Government, the Media, documentary filmmakers, himself and anything else that is going in the world at the time of filming. His previous outings in the modern Zombie genre (the one he created with Night of the Living Dead), have all done the same with topics within their era and time frame. Some say they are tired of this Cloverfield type of hand held camera, and I am inclined to agree, but it works for me within the context of this film. Moments of fear and panic seem more real and jarring, like we are along for the ride with these students. The flick switches back and forth from scenes that are wonderfully funny and gory to moments of great sadness and mourning. At 68, the King still has not lost his touch. There are some fun and inspired moments and characters in the flick. From a band of African Americans who have decided to stay in their town, because for once in their lives they now hold the power, to a deaf mute dynamite wielding Amish man who kicks Zombie Ass!

This film will please the hordes of Romero Fan Boys along with film-goers who like their comedy dark and their horror filled with gore. Dick Hollywood says check it out!

Rating: B