Trigger Man

Ti West’s sophomore effort “Trigger Man” packs a punch, and a bullet or two as well…

I just returned from a screening of Ti West’s (Director of the Roost and the upcoming Cabin Fever 2) latest psychological horror fright-fest, Trigger Man. An exercise in low budget filmmaking at its finest. With a gritty feel here and a grimy taste there, Ti West has concocted an ultra realistic mind f#*k that will bounce around in your brain during and after the film is over. Slow on the uptake but packing a punch so hard I almost fell out of my seat with the firing of each shot.

The plot is simple. Three friends from New York City go hunting for deer in some undisclosed forested area. One is experienced, the other two just want to drink beer and shoot something. If not a deer, then a squirrel or a tree stump or an empty bottle, or whatever, they just want to shoot something. The majority of the camera work is all hand held with long takes creating a slow eeriness with little action to be found for the first half of the film. Reminiscent of the films Open Water and Wolf Creek, capturing the mundane of real life, as these three friends wander around the forest only to realize that hunting is actually a quite boring and tedious leisure activity. When an unknown assailant shoots and kills one of the friends randomly, the two remaining must try to register what just happened, along with figuring out what the hell they’re going to do to get away and survive. This is where the film ramps up, turns a corner and puts the viewer on edge. Who’s nextr What the hell is going onr What would I do in this situation and how are these guys going to get out of this FUBARr

Though this type film is not for everyone, the slow build will turn off many viewers, but it should appeal to people who like their films with a dark sense of realism. A Cinema Verite/Dogma feel runs through its hand held HD Video veins, as Ti crafts a film filled with terror and suspense in which we are forced to take an active participation in and react to as well, due to the documentary feel the video images give us. I am looking forward to what Mr. West next has in store for us (Cabin Fever 2 as stated above), in which he is currently working on.

Keep up the good work Ti. Dick Hollywood has his eye on you!

Rating: A-