Shaun of the Dead

When Shaun wakes in the morning he goes about his daily routine, oblivious to the fact that Zombies are roaming the streets of his neighborhood. Zombies hanging around his usual haunts, while Shaun looking have dead himself, nurses a hangover. They soon put the pieces of the puzzle together and realize that the dead are walking among them all over town. The dead seem to be hungering for human flesh, biting and snacking on people as they stumble around from place to place. A bite will turn you into one of the Walking Dead and as with all good Zombie flicks, you must remove the head or destroy the brain to kill them. Armed with Shovel, Cricket Bat and a DJ record case filled with vinyl, the two set out to save the day, or at least their friends and family members from the Zombie menace. They devise a plan to grab the ones they love and hole up in safest spot they both can think of, there home away from the Winchester Pub.

Shaun of the Dead is funny, extremely funny. Poking fun at the Zombie genre with fan-boy glee. “Were making films for geeks by geeks,” Screenwriter and lead actor, Simon Pegg stated at a recent Convention that showcased the trailer and other projects the writing duo (Edgar White and Simon Pegg) have worked on in the past, namely the BBC’s hit show, “Spaced”. Both White and Pegg, believe that the only good Zombie is a slow Zombie, referring to the fast moving Zombies of recent Zombie films, “28 Days Later and the “Dawn of the Dead” remake, versus the classic Zombies of George Romeros’ “Night of the Living Dead”. While “Shaun” is a terrific British comedy, there are some scenes of true drama as well. This is a Zombie flick after all and people are going to die. Many of whom we get to know and like, making it all the more emotional when their end comes. Fans of Zombie Flicks will get a kick out of all the in-jokes and gore splattered throughout the movie, while fans of British Comedy will enjoy it for it’s droll wit. The two blend quite nicely, like a well-mixed Bloody Mary.

Rating: A-