The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

As our movie begins, “am of science” Paul Armstrong (Blamire) and his wife Betty (Fay Masterson) are driving through the mountains, on the hunt for a meteorite which Paul believes to be made of a rare element called Atmosphereum. A rival of Dr. Armstrong’s, Dr. Roger Fleming (Brian Howe), is also in the area, looking for the Cadavra Cave, where, legend has it, a lost skeleton rests. As each scientist searches for their desired prize, another meteor falls to Earth nearby. Or does itr Oh, no, it most certainly does not. We discover it was not a meteor at all, but instead a spaceship from the planet Marva, which has crash-landed on our planet, out of the one fuel that powers their rocketship. Atmosphereum. The two humanistic travelers, Krobar (Andrew Parks) and Lattis (Susan McConnell), also discover the dangerous mutant they keep aboard has escaped.

Meanwhile, Dr. Fleming finds Cadavra Cave, and the lost skeleton. But, despite his best efforts, Fleming just cannot revive the bony figure. Just as he is about to give up, the skeleton speaks! Armstrong must find some Atmosphereum to fully resurrect the skeleton. Then, and only then, can the skeleton fulfill its mission… to rule the world! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

But where to find Atmosphereumr Luckily for Fleming, he overhears the Armstrongs nearby, as their Atmosphereum detector locates the meteor. As Fleming makes his plans to steal the meteor, Paul and Betty make their way back to the cabin they have rented while in the woods with their discovery. By a coincidental turn of events, Krobar and Lattis are in the woods nearby, looking for their mutant, when they overhear Paul and Betty talking about their meteor as the Armstrongs head back to their cabin. With their transmutatron, a keen device for changing something into something else, the Marvans transform themselves from shiny suited humanistic beings into Earth-clothed humans and head to the cabin. Dr. Fleming, witnessing the transmutatron in action, uses the device once the Marvans have gone, morphing four small woodland creatures into the beautiful and eccentric Animala (Jennifer Blaire), to be his companion when he arrives at the cabin, lest he arouse suspicions by arriving alone.

Will Dr. Armstrong make actual advances in the field of sciencer Can Dr. Fleming succeed in restoring to life the Lost Skeleton of Cadavrar Will Korbar and Lattis find their mutant before it causes more damage, and get back to Marvar

You’ll just have to see “The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra” to find out!

As well you should. Blamire really thought this one out, not only getting the look of the best low-budget sci-fi movies of the 1950s, but the sounds and feel as well. Outside the rare noticeable artifacting from the video to film transfer, there really is nothing that would give this film away as a recent production. The actors, all relative unknowns or making their film debuts, greatly help in keeping the deception strong, by playing their roles note-perfect to the period. The music eludes to the Theremin-induced scores of the day, the title cards hark back to the early days of AIP and Roger Corman, and the special effects are achieved with tin foil, empty paper towel rolls and fishing wire.

Whether you are old enough to remember watching monster movies on TV each Saturday afternoon, or young enough to be sick of your father talking about the times he used to watch monster movies on TV each Saturday afternoon, “The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra” is, for ninety minutes at least, a wonderful trip back in time, to a simpler world where as many of your friends would pile into your Falcon station wagon and get into the Skylight Drive-In for five bucks a carload, where singing cartoon popcorn buckets and soda cups would entice you to the snack bar with a musical countdown to the next feature. Those days may be gone for some of us, and non-existent to others, but it’s nice to see someone is still willing to make ‘em the way they used to.

”The Lost Skeleton of Cadvra” gets an A. Seek this film out, as it expands to major markets this Spring.

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Rating: A