8 Mile

The movie is almost brilliant, almost perfect, and the sad thing is, I can’t put my finger down on why it isn’t. It’s certainly not because of Eminem. He was incredible, given the fact that he is playing himself in an authorized un-biography of his life. Everything I love about the guy is brought to the screen; his short temper, his devotion to his little sister (daughter), and his fucking genius raps.

His groupies are all fairly amusing, albeit a little too stereotypical. There’s the fat guy, and the dorky white guy, and the fruity nerd talking about investing his imaginary money, while you KNOW you should be spending it on bitches and Bentleys. Yo!

Mekhi Phifer plays his homeboy Future (yes, that’s his name), who runs the battles every week. Rap battles, with everyone competing with each other to be the top dog.

Then we have our anti-hero, Rabbit. So named because he’s fast, and he fucks like a bunny. Or so he says. His mother, played in drunken white trash glory by Kim Basinger, is revolting and somewhat pathetic at the same time. And rounding out the unhappy trailer park home is poor Lily, who gets shoved in front of the TV watching Barney while her family screams and fights with each other. This little girl broke my heart, on a personal level because I know how she feels. Almost.

The film itself takes place in one week, starting out with Rabbit’s failure at the battle, and his journey to get his courage back up to try again. All the while trying to get to work on time, deal with a skanky new ungirlfriend, and avoid not getting his ass killed by rival rappers called the Free World.

There’s an energy in this film that was palpable in the theater. Most of the people in this screening really seemed to connect on some level with Rabbit’s desire to succeed and make his dreams come true. And get out of the goddamned ghetto trailer park.

I want to see this film do good, because I enjoyed myself immensely, which hasn’t happened much this year (and when it has, they were all foreign films). The music was incredible, as I knew it was (hell, I already own the soundtrack), and the small rap sessions Rabbit has throughout the week are funny as hell (Look for the one to “Sweet Home Alabama”)

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I have one warning. When Rabbit first comes home to his mother’s trailer, close your eyes and hide them. Please, I had to see it, but you don’t have to see Kim Basinger’s naked ass in a compromising and nasty position.

To sum it up: great movie, with a lot of Oscar potential. I don’t think it will win a damn thing, but I’m hoping for Best Actor (God that would just make Em’s day), Best Song, Best Director, and Best Supporting Actress (hey, Hanson did it once, he can do it again). You don’t like rap musicr I don’t give a fuck, go see this shit, beeyotch!


Rating: A-