Minority Report

So, after a few really pathetic attempts at marketing, the masterpiece began. We are almost immediately introduced to the films protagonist, John Anderton, played by the morose Tom Cruise. Since this is a Spielberg film, we come to feel sorry for Anderton after we learn that his son was killed at a very young age and his wife is no longer with him. Anderton works for Precrime, an experimental agency that serves to protect Washington D.C. from murders. Anderton is hit with a red ball, meaning a crime of passion, and has 12 minutes to find the killer. He does so successfully.

Unfortunately though, the Chief Justice has sent a man, Danny, to make sure that everything is run smoothly at Precrime. Danny, played masterfully by Colin Farrell, is skeptical about how Precrime works and it’s Anderton’s job to show him around. We are then introduced to the Pre-Cogs, the psychics that can see the murders in advance.

Everything is running smoothly until the Pre-Cogs see Anderton murdering a man named Crow. Anderton immediately goes on the run. Why notr Everybody runs. The rest of the film is filled with too many twists and surprises for me to go any further. I’d really hate to spoil this movie for anyone although I saw the ending coming a mile away.

What makes “Minority Report” one of the better films of the year is the wonderful job Spielberg did as a director. He managed to actually get Cruise to churn out one of his better performances and kept Farrell, Steve Harris, Samantha Morton, and other supporting characters in line and acting well. I especially like Farrell’s role because you never know what to expect, or what to think of him. One minute he’s doing something bad, the next he’s doing something good. You don’t really know until the shit hits the fan, just which way Farrell leans.

In short, “Minority Report” does exactly what the previews suggest. It’s filled with special effects, sharp plotlines, and enough important characters to start it’s own Survivor series. I enjoyed “Minority Report” and I can only hope that others will too.

Rating: B+