The film fails on pretty much every level. The main character is a clown yet the actor who plays him has no sense of comedic timing. The film’s pacing and plot change gears so often and so poorly, watching it is like riding with a student driver first learning on a standard transmission car.

The subject matter of the film is far too dark to be treated comedicly. I’m not sure how long the film’s rape scene actually is, maybe 10 minutes, but it felt like 30. And that’s not even the most disturbing scene in the film. Yet 2 minutes later we are expected to laugh at silly trivial material. It doesn’t work.

Even the soundtrack is so loud and grating it’s physically painful and, at the screening I was at, the director overrode the complaints of audience members demanding it be turned down. That’s inexcusable. No film should ever attempt to physically hurt its audience.

In the end the film is forced to introduce ridiculous strings of coincidences in order to avoid a realistic response from its main character and allow a forced happy ending. It doesn’t work, on any level, ever. The only positive thing I can say about writer/director/actor Bryan Johnson is that he saves the best, most realistic dialogue for the character he plays himself. His character doesn’t seem like he belongs in this movie but, then again neither did anyone else, neither did I and neither do you.

“Vulgar” is what it claims to be. I give it a 1 out 10 and I think I’d rather gouge my own eyes out than see it again.

Rating: F