The Fast and the Furious

I mean, how many times have we seen the old ‘undercover cop comes to like the guy he’s gotta bring in’ storyr Not only that, but “The Fast & The Furious” brings absolutely nothing new to that story. Except maybe flashier cars that go a hell of a lot faster than in the other films.

As for the acting, let’s just say there are no Oscar contenders here. But then, everybody knows that anyway! Vin Diesel does a great job of the tough but likeable bad guy role, while Michelle Rodriguez & Jordana Brewster both do decent jobs (despite having such flat characters) as Vin’s girlfriend and sister, respectively. On the other side of the coin, however, we have Paul Walker – a seeming graduate of the Keanu Reeve’s school of acting, or as I like to call it – sufficient lack of talent. I found his scenes to be almost painful to watch, particularly when Vin wasn’t there to save the day.

All in all “The Fast & The Furious” is what you make it. For some it will be an enjoyable action movie with fast cars, while for others it will be a mind-numbing exercise in stupidity. Just make sure you gauge it wisely. A great reference would be “Gone In 60 Seconds,” if you liked it, you should like “The Fast & The Furious,” if you don’t like it, well then definitely don’t lay you’re money down for this.

Prognosis: matinee or second run theater.

Rating: C-