The Amazing Race

Helping to Fix a “Race”: How to Make “The Amazing Race” Succeed on Wednesdays.

Why, oh why, is a site with the word “film” in its title writing about “The Amazing Race,” you might ask? While we have sometimes strayed into the area of television, mostly with scoops on casting for network and major cable series, rarely have we ventured into the realm of reality television. Mainly it’s because I am a huge fan of a show I consider to be vastly under-appreciated— and probably also because I happen to work with one of the more popular contestants from the show’s first installment.

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Funny how these things work out. Several years ago, there was a BBC miniseries called “Traffik,” which examined the drug trade and how it affect various sections of the English classes. Then someone in the US got the bright idea to adapt the miniseries into a motion picture for American consumption. It not only was a critical hit, but unexpectedly grossed over $124M and won four Academy Awards.

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Will The Real Alexander The Great Please Stand Up

While Ridley Scott and Oliver Stone and maybe Martin Scorsese or Christopher McQuarrie or someone else duke it out over who’s going to get all David Lean on the big screen, Mel Gibson is taking a cue from fellow producer/thespian Tom Hanks and taking his show to HBO. The fearless leader from Macedon is getting the Band Of Brothers treatment, with a lavish ten hour miniseries written by David Frankel, Jason Horwitch and Kirk Ellis.

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"Firefly" Characters Revealed

So Joss Whedon has a new series being developed for Fox. And everyone and their dog have reported on the same boring information. Yes, its set 400-500 years in the future on a transport ship that lights up its ass. Hence the name “Firefly.” Yes, we know it’s supposed to be a western show in space that parallels the U.S in the south during Reconstruction after the Civil War. But what about the fucking characters? Your darling little Long Island Lolita has come through again, with fucking fabulous character descriptions for Joss’ new show.

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More On Birds Of Prey

Those who have been following reports about this upcoming WB series know that it is based on the DC comic series that takes place years after Batman has put himself into exile. Filmjerk has learned that co-executive producer Brian Robbins has hired himself to direct the pilot episode, which begins shooting in March in Los Angeles… and there is still at least one major role the producers have added, a character who does not seem to have appeared in the comic series so far…

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