‘The Wind Done Gone”

Writer Alice Randall has what I think is a great idea… retelling Gone With The Wind from the viewpoint of a slave. However, the estate of Margaret Mitchell disagreed. Despite Randall’s protests that her novel was parody protected by the First Amendment, US District Judge Charles Pannell blocked publication of the novel.

Thankfully, Randall and her publisher, Houghton Mifflin, were granted an expedited appeal of Pannell’s ruling by the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. A hearing date has yet to be set. Enterprising readers who received advance copies of the book found the time to head over to EBay, commanding as much as $485 before the site pulled all copies from bidding.


News from April 21, 2001

A source (sorry we won’t name names because we don’t want people losing their jobs) has informed us that the final FX schedule for AI is now running about 3 weeks behind schedule. They will be working double shifts this week to try to catch up, but failing this, Amblin may be forced to move the date of release since Mr. Spielberg rightfully will release no film before its time. We should know something certain sometime next week.

Stay tuned…