News from June 15, 2001

Spike Lee Gets Jiggy With The Rent

A source close to the producers has informed that none other than Spike Lee will be announced as early as next week as the director of the upcoming feature adaptation of the 1996 Pulitzer Prize winning musical Rent. Of the original Broadway cast members, only Taye Diggs will be announced as reprising his role next week. Others may also join, but for now only Taye is aboard.

As a huge fan of the show, I wish Spike the best of luck with his version. I just wonder if he will have that one line changed from “Light My Candle” which goes “I hear Spike Lee is shooting down the street”…

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A time when natural resources are limited. Technology has advanced at and exorbitant pace. Every aspect of your life is monitored. Your food is genetically enhanced. And the person who serves you, does your housekeeping, tends your gardens and provides companionship… they are not human at all. Engineers at Cybertronics Manufacturing and other facilities have created a specialized artificial intelligence for your every need. Except for love. Emotion has become the final and very controversial boundary in the evolution of robot capabilities.

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Dark Savant On Mad Crack: Reviews

My review of “Evolution”: IT SUCKS. The Duch is right on schedule to replace the other David… Caruso. Too bad, I really like him. They need to get him in MIB 2 as Agent X who has a sexual compulsion problem towards alien women with multiple sets of breasts. Think about that cast… Will, Tommy Lee, Linda F, Rip Torn, David Duch, and hell let’s throw in Bruce Campbell too.

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