Game Over

Despite the 60% drop off of Tomb Raider’s second week box office grosses and the questionable public opinion of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, studios and production companies worldwide and throwing buckets of cold hard cash at gaming companies, looking for the next big summer blockbuster.

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On The Road With Tyler Durden: I Am Jack’s Rabid Gerbil…

Savant reporting in. Several publications, including the IMDB, the Independent – London, and others, reported yesterday that Francis Ford Coppola was set to produce a filmed version of Jack Kerouac’s classic beatnik tale ‘On The Road’, a masterpiece heralded by potheads and hippies everywhere. Allow me to interject something here: I don’t feel that ‘On The Road’ should ever be filmed, nor that it could be filmed. But… while it’s not quite Gilliam, F.F. Coppola is a master, and that isn’t so bad, right?

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Reload This!

Savant here. Oh boy.

I have a fella here who recently contacted me by email. That’s me, not the site — I don’t know how he got my email, since it isn’t published anywhere within reach. This guy, who wants to be called “Pikul”, after the Jude Law character in “eXistenZ” (where do you fucking people come up with this shit? I have a valid reason for my moniker, what’s yours?) claims to be working with and has been on the set of the Matrix sequels (he suspiciously refuses to use the title “The Matrix Reloaded”). And he wants to talk; if he didn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this.

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This Weekend’s New Films

The early word: Doctor Dolittle 2 is painful to watch; The Fast and the Furious is exactly what it should be (mindless car racing shot by a crappy director); The Princess and the Warrior furthers the die hard film geek belief that Tom Twyker is the shit and Franka Potente is too good for Hollywood shit.

So instead of rushing out to see the latest crap force fed by the studios, why not take a chance on something different? Seek out the time twisting Memento (the film so good no distributor wanted it, forcing the filmmakers to release it themselves), the French thriller With a Friend Like Harry… (soon to be bastardized by Hollywood), The Anniversary Party (Jennifer Jason Leigh and Alan Cumming show those Danish Dogme fucks how this shit gets done), the above mentioned Sexy Beast, (D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus show once again why they are the premiere feature documentarians working), Gabriela (another filmmaker self distributed film which has earned $1.5M without a whit of advertising and has, as of this writing, a 9.8 rating on the IMDb) or the many other independent and foreign films not playing at your local gigaplex.


Big Fish

For a number of years, this was one of the many films that Steven Spielberg comtemplated making, along with Memoirs Of A Geisha, Minority Report, a biography of Charles Lindberg and about 15 other projects based on literary works. Eventually, Spielberg lost interest in the idea of Big Fish and allowed producers Richard Zanuck, Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen to find someone else to helm John August’s adaptation of Daniel Wallace’s book “Big Fish: A Novel of Mythic Proportions.”

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In The Shadow Of The Rat

Savant here. Ed’s not the only guy with friends at Disney — I had an associate contact me in the wee hours this morning after reading the above posting. If you follow the Rat at all, you will desperately want to read what this fucker has to say. Let’s call him “Goofy” for the sake of the moment. Portions of this conversation not relating to the actual wording have been edited by me because this cocksucker can’t spell and I’m one of those word-fetish lesbians.

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