Here In The High Court Of Dark Savant…

Wake up. Time to die.

It’s about 9:00p Pacific Time, on Friday, June the 29th, 2001. I have had 8 hours sleep in the last 72 hours of conscious thought. I have been busy working on this site and personal projects. I have just got back from seeing “AI.” You will now stand trial for crimes against film. High treason. Sabotage. The court will read the order of the charges. May Savant have mercy on your damning soul.

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One Of The Worst Experiences Of My Life

Yeah, we’ve been pretty harsh on Tomb Raider, even though we had yet to see it. So, in the name of “journalistic integrity”, I took off work a bit early to catch a matinee showing of the Jolie breastacular. Now that I have seen TR firsthand, let me say this… when I die and go to hell, I will find out which son of a bitch came up with the concept of journalistic integrity and I will haunt their fucking soul forever.

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