The Perils Of The Indie Filmmaker

As some of you know, your valiant editor has spent some time in the filmmaking game himself, slowly climbing the ladder of failure. While doing some research for potential interview subjects and rants, I came across the web site of one film I worked on… sort of. Submitted for shits and giggles, allow me to take you behind the scenes of a no budget film make solely to try to capitalize on the potential success of a Hollywood film.

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Boom Boom Is Kicking Ass And Taking Names

Some jackass kid lights himself on fire because he saw someone else do it on MTV. Never mind the guy on TV was wearing a flame retardant suit. Never mind there were other guys standing a few feet away from the cameras with fire extinguishers, ready to put the Human Flame out after a few seconds. Never mind the TV show has numerous warnings throughout its airing urging these jackasses not to do what they are about to see. This jackass does it anyway.

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The Mystery Of MoviePoopShoot.Com Revealed!

Last evening around 1AM in Jersey, Kevin Smith logged into the bulletin board on his View Askew site and launched into a brief but succinct damnation of some never before heard of movie news site called Movie Poop Shoot. All the View Askewheads rushed right over to check what all the hub bub was about. Turns out the site is nothing more than Smith-created parody of sites such as ours, no other purpose than the ability to download the brand spanking new trailer for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

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News from May 6, 2001

Breaking News Concerning The New WGA Contract

More details concerning the WGA/AMPTP agreement are leaking out. One of the more encouraging parts of the contract is the ritualistic crucifixion of one member from each guild, as chosen by the members of the other guild. Reports have the writers leaning towards Jon Peters or Jerry Bruckhemier, while the producers have unequivocally chosen Akiva Goldsman.

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