Movie Watch: The Belko Experiment

The Belko Experiment

“Hey, Havens, why are you throwing out a clip for the new film from the director of Guardians of the Galaxy, yo?” It’s a fair question to ask. “You said you’re going to start promoting independent and foreign films!” Yep, you got that right! I am promoting an independent film here, from a long-time denizen of that wonderful circle of Dante’s Hell known as Troma Films. And you know I’m going to get up in your face when it comes to anything about Troma Films!

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Singin’ in the Frame: A Gene Kelly Retrospective at the Aero

Extraordinary entertainer Gene Kelly was an actor, dancer, director and choreographer, who single handedly did more than any other contemporary to influence the evolution of the American screen musical. The American Cinematheque is honoring Kelly’s work with a four-night retrospective of eight of his films, from the MGM era to his glorious appearance in Jacques Demy’s “The Young Girls Of Rochefort.”

Gene Kelly hit 1940’s Hollywood following a wildly successful career on Broadway in the 1930s. He quickly became a recognized force on the screen, and as Kelly’s career progressed into the 1950s he began to exert more control off screen as well. Whether directing himself (with co-director Stanley Donen) in one of my favorites, “Singin’ In The Rain” or working with the likes of the legendary Vincente Minnelli on “An American In Paris” and “Brigadoon”, Kelly demanded the most of himself and his collaborators (Debbie Reynolds has got some great stories!). The result of Kelly’s strict regimen was a career filled with classic song-and-dance numbers and memorable performances. All presented by a man who worked so hard and yet appeared to be so effortless and natural style. This truly will be a wonderful opportunity to see the work of a legend the way his work aught to be seen.

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