Oscar Handicap 2008: Animated Features

FilmJerk.com begins its annual Oscar Handicap with the newest category to the Academy Awards, Best Animated Feature

(For explanations as to how our scoring system works, make sure to read our first article in the series, Best Picture of the Year, linked at the bottom of this article.)

With only six years of awards being handed out, there is not a great amount of statistical data to break down, and what data there is appears to be spread out pretty evenly.

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Oscar Handicap 2007: Best Picture of the Year

Can one win an Oscar, even though they appear in the lowest-grossing film nominated in that category? We took a look many of the major categories over the past 28 ceremonies (for the films of 1978 through 2005), as well as select statistical data from all 78 previous ceremonies, and found some surprising mathematical data which may give some pause about who might win on February 25.

Please note: These are not predictions on how the awards will turn out. Like in baseball, there are always more stats that could delve deeper into any category (like how well Ryan Howard hits with men in scoring position, with less than two outs, in his home stadium, during day games, against left handers, when the count is 3-1, etc.), but these numbers are a good place to start, to have fun with and to start some interesting discussions about the nominees.

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