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Frank Capra

It goes without saying that Capra is one of the greatest and most beloved directors of all time, especially renowned for his madcap romantic comedies. He is one of the few directors who ever managed to balance whimsy with meaningfulness without loosing the ability to entertain.

Only Frank Capra, with his light hand and good sense of allowing the actors to be their roles, could carry off this tale of a naive average American used by an unscrupulous politician through a nationwide goodwill drive. No one was ever better at having strong yet vulnerable women not only aid, but often come to the rescue, of the leading man.

Frank Capra's final film is a hilarious translation of a Damon Runyon tale set in 1930s New York, as gangster Glenn Ford repays street peddler Bette Davis for her "good luck" apples by passing her off as a well-to-do society lady for her visiting daughter (Ann-Margret in her film debut). This excellent and thoroughly enjoyable remake of his own 1933 "Lady for a Day" is a beautiful swan song to a master storyteller. Widescreen!

In this black comedy about two sweet old ladies whose basement holds a murderously funny secret, Capra utilizes star Cary Grant to his zany, patented “double take” best. Capra’s brilliance in comic casting is demonstrated with such reliable character actors as Raymond Massey, Peter Lorre and Jack Carson who manage to play their parts to the hilt without chewing up the scenery.

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Nolan's “Batman: The Intimidation Game” Starts Filming in the UK March 16

By ChrisFaile

February 12th, 2004

The next installment of the “Batman” franchise is scheduled to begin filming in the UK on March 16, has learned. The production, which is presently going by the name of “The Intimidation Game” in casting documents, will also be shooting scenes from the hugely anticipated film in Iceland and New York.

Directed by Christopher Nolan, the fifth film will bring the comic character to his roots. As Variety wrote this past weekend, “this time around, it's about the genesis of Batman: How billionaire Bruce Wayne makes a series of decisions that turn him into the Caped Crusader. Batman will be more realistic and less cartoonish. There are no campy villains. Wayne -- younger, more vulnerable, more human -- will be getting as much attention as his masked alter-ego.”

There has been some disagreement on the name of the current film, which the Varietypiece was able to skip over.

At this time, the production is looking to cast an “enormous” Asian man, who will be involved in a fight scene. Producers are not specifying an age range for the character, saying it can be “any age as long as he is enormous,” as well as looks dangerous and is able to speak in broken English.

The film stars Christian Bale (as Bruce Wayne/Batman), Liam Neeson, Michael Caine, Katie Holmes and Cillian Murphy. The producers for the film are listed as Emma Thomas and Chuck Roven.

The Scorecard
Producers: Emma Thomas and Chuck Roven
Director: Christopher Nolan
Casting Director: John Papsidera
Date: March 16, 2004
Location: United Kingdom