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||| Sergio Leone |||
Sergio Leone

Leone’s career is remarkable in its unrelenting attention to both American culture and the American genre film, exploring the mythic America he created with each successive film examining the established characters in greater depth.

Only his second feature (a remake of Kurosawa’s Yojimbo), Leone's landmark "spaghetti western" caused a revolution and features Clint Eastwood in his breakthrough role as "The Man With No Name". This classic brutal drama of feuding families wasn’t the first spaghetti Western, but it was far and away the most successful up to that time.

Plot is of minimal interest, but character is everything to Leone, who places immense meaning in the slightest flick of an eyelid, extensively using the extreme close-up on the eyes to reveal any feeling, as demonstrated by Clint, who squints his way through this slam-bang sequel to A Fistful of Dollars as a wandering gunslinger that must combine forces with his nemesis to track down a wanted killer.

The final chapter in the groundbreaking trilogy follows Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, and Eli Wallach as they form an uneasy alliance to find a stash of hidden gold. Leone focuses on his central theme as they find themselves facing greed, treachery, and murder, showing that the desire for wealth and power turns men into ruthless creatures who violate land and family and believe that a man’s death is less important than how he faces it.

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“Final Destination” Scribe Turns His Attentions to "Tamara"

By ChrisFaile

January 22nd, 2004

Jeffrey Reddick, the writer and creator of “Final Destination,” is at work on his next project, a supernatural thriller called “Tamara,” has learned from its sources. Described as a “sexy, supernatural thriller,” it will be directed by first-time feature director David Sporn. According to casting notes we have since obtained, the film is now casting the lead role, with an eye towards luring star/recognizable names to the project.

According to our sources, the story begins with a vicious prank taking the life of an awkward and unpopular teen and then shifts both backwards and forwards in time to show her life before and after. Described as “unattractive and without self-esteem,” high school senior Tamara Riley can't even enjoy her dawning sexual fantasies due to the polluting effect of her father's inappropriate advances. She is completely helpless against her classmates' biting comments and cruel pranks—almost. Tamara studies witchcraft, and when the burning anger bubbling inside her erupts, her magic spells pay off with surprising force.

After Tamara's death, she returns as the beautiful seductress from her fantasies, equipped with the power to entrance people and turn their own vanity and weaknesses against them. Though still interested in "fitting in," Tamara has little patience for her fellow students' attitudes and fears, finding it easier to destroy them than to become part of the in crowd.

The film begins shooting in mid-June, although the shooting location has not yet been chosen. “Tamara” will be co-financed by both City Lights Pictures, which is also producing a Larry Clark film focusing on the life of director Nicholas Ray, and Armada Pictures, an independent production company headed by former Kinowelt-USA Chairman Chris Sievernich. Of note of the many producers attached to the project (as listed below), co-executive producer Steve Whitney is also involved with the remake of “The Amityville Horror” remake led by Michael Bay.

The Scorecard
Producers: Danny Fisher, Chris Sievernich
Executive Producers: The Fisher Brothers, Michael Almog and Matt Milich
Co-Executive Producers: Andrew Trapani and Steve Whitney
Director: David Sporn
Writer: Jeff Reddick
Casting Director: Lindsay Chag
Start Date: June 15, 2004
Location: TBD
Production Companies: City Lights Pictures and Armada Pictures
International Distribution: Armada Pictures International