Try an Exclusive "Wordplay" Crossword Puzzle

“Wordplay” is the smart and often hilarious documentary about crossword puzzles, those who create them and those who fill them out, opening in theatres this summer. Thanks to IFC Films, the Weinstein Company and our friends at Special Ops Media, we are proud to present this exclusive Wordplay crossword puzzle to our readers, along with the chance to win one of ten books by Will Shortz, editor of the New York Times crossword puzzles and the main character of “Wordplay.”

Wordplay also features former President Bill Clinton and former Senator Bob Dole, who were the subjects of what many crossword enthusiasts consider to be the greatest crossword puzzle ever created, along with “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, New York Yankees pitcher Mike Mussina, documentarian Ken Burns and the Indigo Girls. Director Patrick Creadon introduces us to this passionate hero, and to the inner workings of his brilliant and often hilarious contributors, including syndicated puzzle creator Merl Reagle. In addition to deconstructing this uniquely American institution, “Wordplay” takes us though the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament where almost five hundred competitors battled it out for the title “Crossword Champ” and showed their true colors along the way.

You don’t need to complete the crossword puzzle to win a copy of Will Shortz’s book. To enter, simply e-mail us your name and full mailing address. Contest ends Friday June 30, 2006, so get your entries in now. Please, only one entry per person. Contest open to residents of the United States only. Winner will be chosen from eligible entries who have not won any prize from in the past 90 days. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.

Now, without further ado… our exclusive Worldplay puzzle: “Hollywood” by Fred Piscop…

The Clues


1: “Hollywood Nights” rocker Bob

6: Rent-__

10: Hollywood product

14: “The Hollywood Squares” answer

15: Total receipts, in Hollywood

16: Gen. Robert __

17: It’s zero-dimensional

18: A deadly sin

19: MGM’s Leo, e.g.

20: W-2 ID

21: Bee and Em

23: Looks ahead

24: Compete in roller derby, e.g.

25: Joe of “Jimmy Hollywood”

26: Hedda of Hollywood gossip

29: Blue-pencil

31: Morales of “N.Y.P.D. Blue”

32: TV’s Nick at __

33: D-day vessel

36: Grauman’s __ Theatre (Hollywood landmark)

40: Weekly Hollywood mag

42: Dodge City’s home: Abbr.

43: Small fry

45: Go bananas

46: Org. that investigated the Hollywood Ten

47: “Nel blu dipinto di blu” song

49: Finger-pointer

52: Crop up

54: “Hollywood” author Gore __

55: Computer of the ’40s

56: China’s __-tse

59: Prevented from swelling, maybe

60: Bit of vocal fanfare

61: Rewrite for Hollywood

63: Simba’s mate

64: Hollywood’s __ Pack

65: Affix firmly

66: Dutch cheese town

67: Teatro __ Scala

68: Legendary Hollywood eatery


1: Chuckleheads

2: They’re big in Hollywood

3: Sheepish look

4: Bard’s nightfall

5: Hollywood do-over

6: Hollywood go-between

7: Hollywood __ (WWII servicemen’s club where stars often volunteered)

8: Off-roaders, for short

9: Marina del __

10: Cuts down

11: Of a pelvic bone

12: Tea of “Hollywood Ending”

13: Department store section

22: Old Mideast org.

23: “The Hollywood Squares” host __ Marshall

24: Board game turn

25: Gyro holder

26: “Darn!”

27: Dept. of Labor division

28: Cause of a wince

30: A.L. East, e.g.

33: Olin of “Hollywood Homicide”

34: Hollywood Walk of Fame implant

35: Pound an Underwood

37: Lucy’s pal

38: Go bad

39: Flight board fig.

41: Archipelago part

44: Frequent subject of “The E! True Hollywood Story”

47: Itinerary word

48: Hollywood bestowals

49: Battery type

50: Author __ Rogers St. Johns

51: Heidi Fleiss, the “Hollywood __”

53: Rodeo rope

54: Hollywood and __ (famous intersection)

55: Rank above viscount

56: Pumice source

57: Take down __ (humble)

58: Director Preminger

60: Unfilled, on a TV sched.

62: Party bowlful

We’ll put up the answers for the puzzle here on this page on June 30th.

“Wordplay” opens at the IFC Film Center and the Lincoln Plaza Cinemas in New York City on June 16th, and will continue to open across the nation throughout June and July. Visit’s weekly Early Report to find updated listings on when the film will open near you.

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