Dick Hollywood’s Top Ten… uhh, Top Eleven Films of 2005

Dick saw movies and film and flicks. Dick viewed many films in 2005, but not enough. See and read Dick’s reviews at filmjerk.com. See Dick fumble on his words and facts. Read that Dick does not care about such trivial matters as spelling and grammar. See Dick not caring about this so-called Online Film Critics Society and their highfalutin’ ways. See Dick argue with Filmjerk about the merits of Horror Films. Watch Havens get all red in the face with anger and choke poor Dick Hollywood. It is only his opinion after all. And just remember boys and girls, “Opinion’s are like arseholes. Everybody has one.”

Ok, ok 2005 I remember it well. Uh what was I sayin’r Ah yes, the year 2005, and how I remember it well. It was a good year for film, I think. Films like “Wolf Creek” and “The Devil’s Rejects” made me want to vomit and lock my doors. They scared the shite out of me and made me feel something. Most films can’t claim that. “Kung Fu Hustle” made me laugh and I wished that Jackie Chan still did. Flicks are out there that are compelling, or funny, or scary, or just plain F’d Up! Man oh man, do I love movies! Good and bad, I can’t live with out them. And with out further ado…

It’s that time of year again. Those times when we reviewers get out the ol’ typewriter and compile a list of the best of the best, the cream of the crop and the A list of films of the previous year. Top Ten lists abound but I have chosen a list that goes to Eleven. Whyr Because Eleven is one higher than Ten and Dick Hollywood’s list always go to Eleven.

So presented here now exclusively on filmjerk.com is… and I repeat myself:

Dick Hollywood’s Top Ten… uhh Top Eleven Films of 2005, in alphabetical order…

The Constant Gardner: Really Good Flick

The Devil’s Rejects: Intense and Darkly Funny.

A History of Violence: Comic gets all Croenberg on us.

King Kong: Big-Ass Ape!

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: Val & Robert… Comedy Duo Supreme

Layer Cake: British Crime Flick at its best.

Murderball: Best Quad Rugby Doc ever

Oldboy: Revenge Baby, Revenge

Serenity: Rip-Roarin’ Western Sci-Fi

Sin City: Two Words… Mickey f’in Rourke

Wolf Creek: Uncomfortable, creepy and really really good