“Elektra” to Begin Filming May 3 in Vancouver; More Details of Plot Out

While word on 20th Century Fox’s upcoming production “Elektra” production has been mostly quiet over the past 6 months, the film finally saw concrete movement Thursday morning with the news that Rob Bowman (“The X-Files”) is in talks to direct the film. Now, FilmJerk.com has learned that the “Daredevil” film spin-off is casting a number of lead roles and, more importantly, further details of the plot have been revealed, all in anticipation of a May 3 start of principal photography in Vancouver.

Taking a page from the storylines found in both the “The Elektra Assassin” and “The Elektra Saga” graphic novels, the film finds Elektra (Jennifer Garner) working for the Order of the Hand, the group that trained – and then abandoned – her. At the request of Kirigi, the film’s villain, she is told to target Harbor Island man named Mark Miller because, she is told, of an act his grandfather performed. A widower, Miller is a likeable man introduced to Elektra by his 13-year-old daughter Abby. After falling for him, Elektra becomes his protector and has to fend off four ninja assassins dispatched by Kirigi. But there is more to Mark Miller than he appears, as he has aligned himself with Stick, Elektra’s former mentor, and both he and his daughter are able to defend themselves. In the end, with Kirigi’s four assassins defeated, Kirigi faces off against Elektra.

In addition to Mark and Abby Miller, producers are now casting for several lead roles. According to our sources, they include:

  • Kirigi: Described as being younger the other Hand leaders, he has designs on leading the clan of assassins. Favoring the old ways, he deceptively wears a Zen monk’s traditional robes and bears a hardened scowl.
  • Tengu: One of Kirigi’s four assassins, he bears animal tattoos that mysteriously move about his skin. Given the ability to morph his tattoos into living creatures, Tengu uses his creatures as scouts to spy on his prey.
  • Stone: An enormous man whose flesh seems to be made of something akin to stone, he makes the very floor buckle under his large feet. Because of his hardened skin, Elektra’s sais have no effect on him.
  • Typhoid: Perhaps the most interesting part — as it looks to be based on the Marvel character Typhoid Mary — Typhoid is a woman wearing a kimono and a porcelain white mask. Offering a kiss that is ultimately poisonous, Typhoid can reduce a foe to a feverish corpse.
  • Roshi: The elderly leader of The Hand’s counsel, he has long had an amiable competition with Stick.

    We have not received word on how exactly the events come to play out here after her apparent death in 2003’s “Daredevil.”

    In its news article Thursday, Variety made one error we’d like to correct: Zak Penn has re-written the most current draft of the script, basing his efforts on the original script scribed by Raven Metzner and Stuart J. Zicherman. Variety credited Penn as the project’s sole screenwriter there.

    The Scorecard
    Producer: Gary Foster
    Director: TBA
    Writers: Raven Metzner and Stuart J. Zicherman (with Zak Penn revisions)
    Casting Directors: Michael Hothorn and Seth Yanklewitz
    Start Date: May 3, 2004
    Location: Vancouver
    Production Company: New Regency Productions
    Distributor: 20th Century Fox