More Details on “Buffy” Alum Marti Noxon’s Potential New Series Uncovered

When Fox announced that it had ordered a pilot for the supernatural series “Point Pleasant” – a drama from former “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” executive producer Marti Noxon and 20th Century Fox Television – the description of the project given as solely having “a supernatural series…[that] will focus on a beachside community that is turned upside down when a mysterious girl washes ashore.” has obtained additional information on the one-hour drama pilot that is in consideration for the 2004-2005 network season; like most of the pilots in contention for the early summer/fall, filming is scheduled to begin in early March.

The series’ protagonist is Christina Nickson, a 17-year-old described as “angelic, mysterious, very bright and very intense.” While her wealthy father lives in New York City, she has been shuffled off to boarding school for most of her life, dubbing herself a “Park Avenue Orphan.”

During a school cruise, the ship sinks and Christina is rescued off shore of the New Jersey town of Point Pleasant. She befriends her savior, a young lifeguard – with whom she shares an attraction – and ends up staying with the Kramers, a local doctor’s family with whom she forms an unusual bond. Her presence begins to have a noticeable effect on the townsfolk, in particular the two women of the Kramer family. However, the police captain and Kramer patriarch, Ben, are more suspicious of Christina, perhaps even a bit threatened by her. She possesses a duality that seems hard to reconcile: She’s at once dangerous and saintly. Indeed, Christina herself has begun to notice the changes within her, and is frightened by them. It seems that sometimes when she gets upset, unfortunate events happen that involve the people who trouble her. She also is determined to find her mother, whom she never knew. As she spends more time in Point Pleasant, Christina begins to uncover more clues about her mother, and at the same time, becomes more aware of her father’s intent to keep her from that mission.

In addition to Christina, producers are casting the following series regular roles, descriptions we have obtained via casting documents sent to actor’s agents. They include:

  • Jesse Parker: He rescues Christina from the ocean and is instantly drawn to her, despite his rather passionate involvement with his girlfriend, Paula. At 17 years old, he is described as “a good-looking combination of humility and intelligence,” as well as lithe, muscular, charismatic, and noble. A Point Pleasant native, he is the popular son of the local police captain. Though conflicted, he finds it difficult to keep away from the enigmatic young woman whom he delivers to Dr. Kramer after pulling her lifeless body from the sea.
  • Dr. Ben Kramer: A local physician who shares his seaside home with his wife and daughter, he feels uneasy about the young girl whom he’s taken into his home. But, after seeing the growing bond his wife and daughter have with Christina, Ben decides not to push the matter – not just yet anyway. The role is listed in his late 40s and the doctor is described as intelligent and confident.
  • Anne Kramer: Ben’s loving wife is a kind, long-suffering woman who turned to antidepressants after the death of her elder daughter, Isabelle. A few years younger than her husband, she remains close to her other daughter, Judy. Anne’s affiliation with the local church broke off after losing Isabelle. She warmly welcomes Christina into her home and is mysteriously comforted by the stranger’s presence, undergoing a much needed lift in spirits just being around her. There is a definite connection between these two, one that is becoming more and more apparent.
  • Judy Kramer: A skinny 15-year-old, Judy has become a loner since her older sister died in a surfing accident and tries to hide her sadness with a glib demeanor. Judy pumps gas part time, enduring the smug remarks of her peers in order to save enough money to flee her small town life. But when Christina is brought to her home, things begin to change; Judy is suddenly revitalized. Their kinship seems natural, and strangely easy; it’s as if Christina has become her surrogate sister.
  • Paula: Described as “regal, stunning, temperamental and insecure,” this 17-year-old is Jesse’s wealthy girlfriend. Passionate and sensual – as well as having the need to be the center of attention – Paula resents being overshadowed by her powerful mother, as well as the intriguing new girl in town. She is aware of Jesse’s attraction to Christina, but is careful not to show her true feelings to her rival. Though she objects to being constantly hit on by another lifeguard, Paula’s anger toward Jesse leads her to succumb to her suitor’s advances; however, she quickly regrets her actions.
  • Terry: Another Point Pleasant lifeguard, Terry is cocky and sly, as well as blessed with a swimmer’s body. This dark-haired 17-year-old doesn’t share Jesse’s devotion to his work and resents being outshone by him. Perhaps this is why he continually hits on Paula, though he denies it when confronted by Jesse. Terry is surprised when Paula finally gives in. And he is equally surprised when she later changes her mind, demanding that he keep their liaison a secret. He doesn’t take the rejection lightly. Unlike the rest of the characters, this role will be contracted to appear in 7 of the initial 13 episodes.

    The director of the pilot has yet to be announced, but the writers credited for the pilot include John J. McLaughlin and Noxon. Besides, Noxon, other executive producers of the series include Marty Adelstein, Neil Moritz, Dawn Parouse and John J. McLaughlin. The pilot does not yet have listed a shooting location, but is expected to be on the West Coast.

    The Scorecard
    Executive Producers: Marty Adelstein, Neil Moritz, Dawn Parouse, Marti Noxon and John J. McLaughlin
    Director: TBA
    Writers: John J. McLaughlin and Marti Noxon
    Casting Directors: Barbara Fiorentino and Rebecca Mangieri
    Start Date: Early March
    Location: TBD