Shatner and Burns Set to Reprise Roles in “Miss Congeniality” Sequel

William Shatner and Heather Burns will both reprise the roles they played in the original “Miss Congeniality” in the forthcoming sequel, has learned. Production for “Miss Congeniality 2,” which returns Sandra Bullock to the central role of Gracie Hart, will begin April 5 in Los Angeles. Additionally, producers are now looking to cast several lead and supporting roles— and, interestingly, the quite-busy Michael Caine, who played Victor Melling in the original and was expected back, is not presently listed as part of the cast.

The plot of the film will focus on the kidnapping of Miss United States, Cheryl Frazier (the perky blonde from Rhode Island who won the title at the end of the first film), and Stan Fields, the beauty pageant’s host. Bullock’s Hart, along with her newly minted “Style Posse,” goes undercover once again, this time to save her two acquaintances.

According to casting documents, the producers are looking to cast the following major roles:

  • Pete Foreman: In his 30s and good-looking, this very eager and slightly goofy FBI agent will become a new love interest for Gracie Hart. From this description, it looks like Benjamin Bratt might not be back for the sequel.
  • Joel: The leader of Gracie Hart’s “Style Posse” and her personal stylist and confidante, this 30-ish man is responsible for her wardrobe, hair and make-up. He’s described as being kind of a “‘Queer Eye for the Straight Girl,’” as well as “flamboyant, witty, sarcastic and loveable.”
  • Karl and Len: This pair of brothers kidnaps Cheryl Frazier and Stan Fields. Nasty and unpleasant, powerful and physically imposing, they have been fired from their jobs as pirates in Las Vegas’ Treasure Island Hotel Pirate Show. Karl is a would-be actor/director, while Len is his less ambitious brother.
  • FBI Agent Hector Velez: This ambitious Hispanic agent in his 40s runs the Las Vegas FBI operation. Although he is initially trusted by Gracie, we later learn that he is the brains behind the kidnapping of Miss United States. It’s his desire to oust Special Agent McDonald (played by Ernie Hudson in the original, possibly returning) and become head of the Bureau.
  • Janet: Described as being in her late 20’s – as well as very attractive, blonde, calm and assured – she’s an ambitious young FBI agent and Foreman’s ex-girlfriend. She is in cahoots with Special Agent Velez and assists in the kidnapping of Miss United States, all in hopes of furthering her agency career.

    In addition, the producers are looking for impersonators to play Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, Patti LaBelle, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Rivers, Barbra Streisand, Judy Garland and Britney Spears in a drag show sequence. In addition, they are looking to cast the character of Carol Fields’, the elderly mother to Shatner’s character. Described as “eccentric and acerbic,” Gracie visits her in a Las Vegas nursing home during the course of the film.

    The first “Congeniality” made more than $100 million at the domestic box office when it was released in 2000. As was previously announced, John Pasquin serves as the director for the sequel.

    The Scorecard
    Director: John Pasquin
    Casting Director: Nancy Foy
    Start Date: April 5, 2004
    Location: Los Angeles
    Production Companies: Castle Rock and Fortis Films