After Three Years in Development, “ Lady Luck” Moves Forward; Petrie to Direct

The long-in-development feature “Lady Luck,” about the luckiest woman in the world who finds her fortunes change after losing a guy, will begin filming April in Los Angeles, has learned. The 20th Century-Fox and New Regency project, which has been on the development radar since 2000, has signed Donald Petrie (“Welcome to Mooseport,” “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”) and is now looking towards casting the lead roles for the project.

The film focuses on Connie Albright, described as “a sexy, dynamic and fun Manhattanite in her 20’s.” Almost everything in her life is perfect: she’s won the lottery three times, hit the jackpot in Las Vegas, and can always find a parking space in midtown. Her sleep is untroubled by worry or responsibility and millionaires stumble over her on a daily basis. The only thing lacking is her love life; she can’t find her soulmate, the ideal beau who sets her blood a-tingle, makes her toes twiddle and blasts her with chemistry so strong that neon lights flicker for blocks. During the shooting of a masked-ball sequence in an Aerosmith video, she meets Robert Hardin, and – after losing him – her luck is sucked into a black and bottomless abyss. Suddenly broke and homeless, without a nickel for subway fare, Albright searches for Hardin with a romantic hunger born of total financial despair. Luckless and bereft, she takes a job — as Hardin’s assistant. Unaware that the man she loves is her new boss, she finds herself falling for him, and it takes Albright a painfully long time to put two (hearts) and two (souls) together.

In addition to casting for Albright, the following four lead roles are now being cast, according to casting documents we have been able to obtain:

  • Robert Hardin: A hapless, unlucky soul in his mid-20’s to early 30’s, Hardin has never caught a break in his life. He is the kind of guy that the clouds conspire to shower on, who never has two cents to rub together and has a cruddy job as a process server. Described as “a cr*p magnet of the first order,” Hardin meets Albright while delivering a summons. Quickly gaining a costume, he dances with Albright on the video set and discovers all the magic of romance: a hand, a heart, a pair of lips. He makes a date with this mysterious lady without ever knowing her name or seeing her face and is devastated when she breaks their date. But life is looking up for Hardin: unbeknownst to him, Connie’s improbable streak of luck has been transferred to him during their pas de deux, and his life instantly changes for the better; he gets a high-paying job at a record company and soon acquires a perfect apartment and a perfect girlfriend to go with it. Rather surprisingly, he retains his empathy for the poor and hapless, and exerts himself to spread his luck among the luckless. Once he acquires the perfect assistant in Albright, his life begins to get complicated, and his ability to keep his business life separate from his personal life soon dissolves. Once he learns that Albright is The Woman, he uses his luck, his cashflow, and his dogged determination to be united with her.
  • Amber Rose: An actress wannabe, Rose is Albright’s best friend and she’s dumbfounded by Albright’s ability to fall into a manure heap and come out with a winning lottery ticket. Regularly baffled by life’s determination to smile on Albright, Rose urges her to take one of the innumerable great guys who fall panting at her feet. When Albright’s luck turns for the worse, Rose gets herself a new, impoverished roommate, and she tries desperately to help Albright find her mystery man. A good-hearted woman with a loving spirit, Rose’s pleasantly surprised when she gets her own dose of out-of-the-freaking-blue good luck in the form of Sven, a Swedish actor who hears her voice on the phone and instantly yearns to meet her.
  • Katy: A 9-years-old with a raspy Bronx voice (she sounds like she’s a 49 year old heavy smoker), Katry lives in the same apartment building as Hardin. She lives with her elderly, wheelchair-bound grandmother and Hardin serves as her only friend and mentor. When Hardin’s luck changes, so does Katy’s: she gets to visit him at his big new office, and quite approves of his assistant, Albright. But when Katy’s grandmother dies, Katy is abruptly plunged into the dark hell of the juvenile system, and there she’ll stay — unless Hardin can successfully petition the courts for her custody.
  • Xillary: A beautiful woman with great legs, a great body and great hair in her mid-20’s, Xillary is Hardin’s live-in lover, who arrives in his life soon after his lucky streak begins. A woman whose job regularly takes her out of town, Xillary is smart, sexy, and understanding — but her kisses with Hardin doesn’t set bells ringing. Once Xillary realizes that they never will, she’s (politely, affectionately) out the door.

    Arnold Rifkin is attached as producer and the new writer credited to the project is I. Marlene King. Previously, Jonathan Bernstein, James Greer and Mark Blackwell (a three-person writing team responsible for Max Keeble’s Big Move”) were attached as writers dating back to 2003. Bruce Willis was attached in the project in 2000 as a producer through his Cheyanne Enterprises, which he is the partner of and Rifkin is the president.

    The Scorecard
    Producer: Arnold Rifkin
    Director: Donald Petrie
    Writer: I. Marlene King
    Casting Director: Sheila Jaffe
    Start Date: April 1, 2004
    Location: Los Angeles
    Production Companies: 20th Century Fox and New Regency
    Distributor: 20th Century Fox