“L.A.P.I.” – Shane Black’s Latest – to Begin Filming February 24

The return of Shane Black to cinema screens is moving closer to fruition, as FilmJerk.com has learned that the famed action writer’s “L.A.P.I.” will begin production February 24 in Los Angeles. Black, who penned 1987’s “Lethal Weapon” and 1991’s “The Last Boy Scout,” will direct the picture (his first time in this particular chair) and is now seeking to cast a lead and several supporting roles. Principal photography will last approximately 7 weeks.

The project, which was once known as “You’ll Never Die in this Town Again” (read our review of the script here, which has been tweaked a bit since then, according to our sources) focuses on Harry Lockhart and Harmony Faith Lane, two likable kooks who knew each other in childhood. Crossing paths once again as struggling actors in Hollywood, they become involved in a murder case filled with twists, turns, deception, betrayal, and most importantly, romance. For more information on the plot – and especially spoilers – click over to the script review linked above.

According to our sources, those roles currently being cast include:

  • Harmony Faith Lane: Described as “beautiful, blonde, smart, impulsive and direct,” Harmony is a 34-year-old struggling actress who swears like a sailor. As a teen, Harmony had a reputation for sleeping around, but also had predatory father and tried to protect her sister from his sexual abuse. Yes, in those days Harmony made it with just about every guy except Harry. However, when they become reunited at a Hollywood party, it’s clear the sparks between them are going to get ignited this time around. Believing Harry is a detective, she hires him to solve her sister’s murder case, but things soon get dicey, deceitful and downright daunting. But it all works out in the end – and Harmony gets her man. She also gets some closure regarding her loathsome father, thanks to Harry.
  • Harlan Dexter: A former actor who transformed himself into a prestigious entrepreneur, he continues to move in Hollywood circles, facilitated – no doubt – by the fact that he owns several drug rehab clinics. Far from being a do-gooder, he is estranged from his daughter for years; when his wife died, he supposedly mended fences with the daughter, but they she is suddenly murdered. After some successful digging, Harry and Perry discover the real truth about the villainous Dexter, and it ain’t pretty.
  • Flicka: This well-endowed, ditzy stewardess first meets Harry at a Hollywood party. She later tries to dodge him when he asks about Harmony, inadvertently helping him solve the mystery behind the death of Harmony’s sister.
  • Dabney Shaw: Portly, intense, crass and from the streets, he is the crafty Hollywood producer who “discovered” Harry back in New York. Dabney employs Gay Perry as his personal “consultant,” and assigns him to teach Harry about gumshoeing. It’s later revealed that Dabney’s using Harry as leverage to get Nicholas Cage to lower his fee for the same role.
  • Harmony’s Dad: Seen originally in flashback, he is Harmony’s brutish, sexually abusive father. Now, years later he is withered, hooked up to a hospital bed, and doesn’t much like Harry’s accusations at the end of the film.
  • Richie Bauer: Harry’s partner in crime back in New York City is not the brightest of bulbs. Richie is shot dead by a woman when he innocently flashes his own gun, while claiming it to be unloaded, setting the film’s plot in motion.No stars are yet announced as attached to the film, although the absence of the characters of Harry Lockhart and “Gay” Perry here indicate they may currently be out to talented actors.

    The Scorecard
    Producer: Joel Silver
    Writer/Director: Shane Val Black
    Casting Directors: Mary Gail Artz, Barbara Cohen
    Start Date: February 24, 2004
    Location: Los Angeles
    Production Company/Distributor: Warner Bros.