Christopher Walken, Director Dobkin Sign on for New Line’s “Wedding Crashers"

Actor Christopher Walken and director David Dobkin have both signed on to do New Line Cinema’s “The Wedding Crashers,” has learned. Walken, who will next be seen in the April releases “Envy” and “Man on Fire,” will portray Treasury Secretary William Cleary, the father of the bride that the two leading men crash the wedding of in the film. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson signed on to do the film in October, and production is now geared to start March 15 in Los Angeles.

In the film, Jeremy Klein (Vaughn) and John Beckwith (Wilson) are a pair of rapacious divorce attorneys who score with women the quick and dirty way: they crash weddings, pretending to be guests, taking advantage of the pheromones in the air, and raid the single women like the sexual predators they are. But their lifestyle of total self-commitment runs into some well-deserved trouble when John breaks the rules and falls in love with Claire Clearly.

Another of the lead roles, that of Claire Clearly – Walken’s daughter – is now being cast, according to sources and verified by a casting document we have since obtained. Listed as being between the ages of 26 to 28, she is a very attractive woman from a powerful East Coast family and the sister of the bride. A woman with a strong sense of humor and a sense of the bizarre, she attracts John’s interest by giggling during the happy couple’s air-headed wedding vows, and she becomes John’s primary target.

However, Claire is engaged to the wealthy, upper-crust, cruel and possessive Sack Lodge (also to be cast), a wedding that will be more a family merger than a love match. Stalked by John, who has let himself fall desperately in love with her, Claire is attracted to him, but disinclined to nuke her life on behalf of a stranger. After learning that the attentive, funny and loving John is actually a manipulative and scheming liar, she turns her back on him, ignoring her feelings— until John shows up at the moment of her wedding to Sack.

Walken, known for his eccentric personality and whose vocal delivery is often mimicked by those he works with, has appeared in more than 75 films since appearing in 1971’s “The Anderson Tapes.” He won an Oscar as best supporting actor for his performance in 1978’s “The Deer Hunter.”

Dobkin is no stranger to the stars, as his two-film resume includes 1998’s “Clay Pigeons” (which starred Vaughn) and 2003’s “Shanghai Knights” (which starred Wilson).

The Scorecard
Producers: Peter Abrams, Robert Levy and Andrew Panay
Director: David Dobkin
Writers: Steve Faber and Bob Fisher
Casting Directors: Lisa Beach and Sarah Katzman
Start Date: March 15, 2004
Location: Los Angeles
Production Company/Distributor: New Line Cinema