Ethan Hunt Continues To Recruit For His Next Impossible Mission

Despite the loss of a firm shooting date, Cruise/Wagner Productions continues to search for additional crewmembers to join Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his Impossible Mission Forces in their next certain to be amazing encounter with the bad guys.

According to casting documents received this morning, the call is out to fill the role of Andy, a new member of IMF. In his late 20s to early 30s, Andy will be an essential element of the IMF team. Irreverent, offbeat, streetwise and exceptionally intelligent, Andy is a most improbable and unsuspecting agent. Technically brilliant, he is as amiable as he is witty, and has an astonishing range of aptitudes, which he is called upon to use in an assortment of undercover situations. The casting agents are looking for an actor who has a strong comedic background, however Andy will not be a “computer nerd who saves the day” cliches. Anything but a nerd, Andy should be athletic, engaging and a social animal. Andy’s specific type is open, as casting agents are open to interpretations from sun-kissed surfer types to cosmopolitan sophisticates, as long as the actor can show the underlying intelligence of the character united with his intrinsic sense of comedy.

This is the second call producers have put out for this film. Back in early September, a call was released for Leah Quint, another member of the IMF team and a potential love interest for Ethan Hunt.

“Narc” director Joe Carnahan is still scheduled to helm the film. No official storyline

Mission Impossible 3 Scorecard
Director: Joe Carnahan
Producers: Tom Cruise, Jane Wagner
Screenwriters: Dean Georgaris and Robert Towne, based on the television series created by Bruce Geller
Casting Directors: Deborah Aquila & Tricia Wood
Casting Associate: Jen Smith
Principal Cast: Tom Cruise, Ving Rhames
Production Company: Cruise-Wagner Productions
US Distributor: Paramount Pictures Please note: has no connection to this film or its casting agents. Potential candidates for this role need to contact the production or its casting agents directly.