”Meet the Parents” Sequel Aiming for a Mid-March Start of Filming

Robert De Niro might have postponed the start of his next feature, “Hide and Seek,” this week in order to treat his recently-discovered prostate cancer, but the sequel to 2000’s “Meet the Parents” is currently moving towards a filming start date of mid-March in Los Angeles, according to FilmJerk.com sources.

The original, which grossed more than $165 million domestically, focused on a future son-in-law meeting his fiancee’s father, a former CIA operative specializing in psychological warfare, for the first time. Needless to say, the father, as well as the rest of the family, comes to hate him when everything that can go wrong, does; needless to say, there is a happy ending. The sequel, “Meet the Fockers,” will move the humor to the son-in-law’s family and answers the question of “What kind of parents would name their son “Gaylord M. Fockerr”

In addition, producers for the film are looking to cast a very attractive and smart Latin woman in her mid-30’s to early-40’s for the role of Isabel in the film, according to casting notes obtained by FilmJerk.com. Described as once being a maid for the Focker family, she now owns her own successful catering company. The producers are looking for an actress who is good at comedy, of course.

According to the casting notes, only Ben Stiller and De Niro have signed on, with no word on Teri Polo or Blythe Danner’s participation at this time. Additionally, the casting notes list the project’s title as “Meet the Fockers,” despite Variety announcing in June that the film’s title had been changed slightly to “Meet the Fokkers,” because of the last name’s resemblance to a certain “f” word.

The Press-Enterprise of California wrote in a recent article that Vince Di Meglio and Tim Rasmussen have been hired to rewrite the film’s original script. Jay Roach is set to resume his directorial duties from the first film.

“Meet the Fockers” is set as a 2005 release.

The Scorecard
Producers: Jane Rosenthal, Robert DeNiro and Jay Roach
Director: Jay Roach
Casting Director: Francine Maisler
Start Date: Mid-March 2004
Location: Los Angeles
Distributor: Universal Pictures