“Princess Diaries 2” Gears Up for November Start: Story and Character Details

The next chapter in Mia Thermopolis’ fairy tale life is finally about to begin. According to FilmJerk.com sources, principal photography on the sequel to 2001’s “Princess Diaries” will begin November 18 in Los Angeles. The film is finally seeing some movement, after no news during the past 8 months.

In “Princess Diaries 2” (which does not look to be a adaptation of the four other books in the Meg Cabot series that followed the original), Princess Mia is now living in Genovia with her Grandmother Queen Clarisse. In the sequel, a rival in Parliament produces evidence that his son is the rightful heir to the throne, since the marriage law states Princess Mia must be wed.

As director Garry Marshall revealed in an Entertainment Weekly article from January, “They’re going to try to marry her off, but she doesn’t want to do that. And we have a moment where all the princesses from all the countries come together to see if they can do something about the state of the world.”

According to casting notes that FilmJerk.com has obtained, producers for the film are now in the casting process for five lead roles:

  • Nicholas: In his mid-20s, he is described as “handsome, charming, suave and debonair.” He is a Royal and a legitimate threat to Mia for the throne of Genovia. While their relationship is highly competitive, it is also fraught with romantic chemistry.
  • Andrew: Described as being “buttoned up, but a kind and caring young man.” He is the 4th Duke of Kensington and as a part of his royal duty and upbringing he agrees to participate in an arranged marriage to Mia, even though they have absolutely no chemistry. He is also listed as being in his mid-20s and could be British or Australian.
  • Viscount Mabrey: Father of Nicholas, and pompous and stern. It is his life’s ambition to see his son become the King of Genovia and he does whatever it takes to advance this cause. This character is in his 50s.
  • Lord Paumore: An elegant man in his 70s, he is an important and outspoken member of the Genovian Parliament.
  • Ilsa Kentsworthy: An elegant, classy, and dignified on-camera reporter who covers the Royal Family of Genovia in her late 30s to early 40s.

    Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews are both set to reprise the roles they took in the original film. Garry Marshall returns to direct as well, based on a script by Gina Wendkos (another holdover, she wrote the original) and Shonda Rhimes.

    The Scorecard
    Producers: Debra Martin Chase, Whitney Houston and Mario Iscovich
    Director: Garry Marshall
    Writers: Gina Wendkos & Shonda Rhimes
    Casting Directors: Marcia Ross, Donna Morong and Gail Goldberg
    Start Date: November 18, 2003
    Location: Los Angeles
    Distributor: Disney