"Elizabethtown" Plays the Casting Game: Supporting Roles Now Revealed

With the lead roles of Drew Baylor (Ashton Kutcher) and Claire Colborn (Kirsten Dunst) cast, Cameron Crowe and his team continue to search for the best possible cast for his latest film, “Elizabethtown.” And it looks like Jane Fonda, once flirting with a role, has decided against becoming involved with the project.

It has been said in previous news report that the film is intended to be a love letter to the resilience of the life force, and is a story of an unexpected romance that develops against the backdrop of a Southern patriarch’s elaborate memorial. While little is known about the storyline, casting breakdowns received at FilmJerk last week hint at how large this ensemble plans to be.

The major supporting roles are:

Hollie Baylor: 57 years old, Hollie is Drew’s mother. An earthy woman originally from Santa Barbara, she has a restless intellectualism, a brainy “seeker” of truth and knowledge. In many ways, she’s an overgrown college girl, a student of life. (This is the role which Jane Fonda was once believed to be playing, according to news reports, so it looks like she has officially stopped abandoned the project.)

Jessie Baylor: Jessie is Drew’s 31-year-old cousin, and a Kentucky native. A noble almost-success, Jessie is a musician who has not been able to make his dreams pay the rent. Barely making ends meet as a single father, he retains the look and spirit of a musician, though he is now in data processing. Drew loves Southern rock.

Heather: In her late twenties, Heather is Drew’s sister. A young suburban mother in a two-income marriage, Heather carries the burden of responsibility. She complains about her misery, though secretly loves it. She is not Southern.

Charles Dean: At 62 years old, Dean is the funeral home proprietor who has become a local institution in Kentucky. A man of great manners and elegant southern diplomacy, his face resembles a natural rock formation. Subtext being his main form of communication, Charles never openly confronts any issue, though his anguished expression shows his true feelings.

Uncle Dale: This Kentucky native is Drew’s uncle and Jessie’s father, who often finds himself caught between his elder “country” relatives and the energized globalism of the upcoming generation. At 56 years old, Dale Baylor would like to branch out of the south, but it’s a bit late for him. He’s a noncommittal person, trying to stay current while making the best of his often traditional life and numerous family burdens. His dress of khaki pants and golf-shirt with short hair stands in great contrast to his musician son.

Bill Banyon: Banyon is a mid-level charlatan who left Kentucky for the big city. Bill, 54 years old, is said to be under investigation for tax evasions, though he carries himself like a humanitarian and philanthropist. After running for mayor in three different cities, and losing each time, failure rolls right off him. Bill would be obnoxious if he didn’t have such a murky past and wasn’t so damn entertaining to watch, the type of guy who would shake your hand and look you in the eye like a brother even when he has just met you and has no idea of who you are.

Ellen Kishmore: Kishmore was once the love of Drew’s life. A great-looking high-level assistant with great style, poise and memorable green eyes, Ellen’s success in business is inexorable. The character is listed as being 24 years old.

Phil: In his forties, he is Drew’s boss, a thoughtful billionaire able to speak in long and complex sentences, mesmerizing as he does so. Phil is a father figure to those who work under him.

Chuck: In his early twenties, Chuck is an Asian from Kentucky, about to marry Cindy. He comes across as extremely sweet, with his emotions very close to the surface. Chuck can’t help crying when something strikes him as touching, from a beer commercial to the rigors of global warming, or a perfectly folded T-shirt.

Other supporting roles include:

Mitch Baylor: In his mid 50s, he is Drew’s father, a fun, likable guy with an open, accessible look, an air of whimsy about him and a Mona Lisa-type smile. Originally came from Kentucky, Mitch later moved West.

David Tan: In his early 30s, he is Taiwan born and speaks English with an accent. David is a computer-geek who speaks with full gesturing of his hands. (It should be noted we will only see the top of his head, never his face.)

Samson Baylor: The 4 years old is Jessie’s son and Drew’s first cousin, once removed. He is VERY LOUD, with a distinctive howl. When he cries, people in neighboring communities can almost hear it.

There are also calls out for ten other minor roles: Herbie Gonsalves, a professional reporter for a business journal; Debbie, Jessie’s girlfriend, who works at a drug store; Charlotte, a type-A personality, memorable for her ability to type expertly at her computer, always dutifully sending information to a database that only she sees; Rusty, a rugged, rustic construction foreman; Cindy an up-scale, athletic blonde, stressed but completely in control of the planning and hosting of her wedding; Ben, who grew up in the South, but now lives in Colorado; Aunt Dora Connelly, Drew’s aunt from Kentucky, with a glowing life force of trust and wisdom; Mona, noteworthy for her compelling and poetic stare; Des, an African-American who attended West Point with Drew’s father; and Connie, once a girlfriend of Drew’s father many years ago.

It should be noted that, despite the serious undertones of the story, the film is a comedy first and foremost. Crowe and his team are searching for comedic actors, stand-up comics and sketch performers to fill out these roles. Production is said to begin this January, with some second unit pickups beginning in October.

Please note: FilmJerk.com has no involvement with the production. If you wish to audition for one of these roles, please contact the production company or casting directors.


”Elizabethtown” Scorecard
Director: Cameron Crowe
Writer: Cameron Crowe
Producers: Tom Cruise, Paula Wagner, Cameron Crowe
Casting Director: Gail Levin
Production Start Date: January, 2004
Shooting Locations: Los Angeles & Kentucky
Production Companies: C-W Productions/Vinyl Films/ Paramount Pictures
US Distributor: DreamWorks Pictures