After Taking on Viacom, Spike Lee Goes Up Against Drug Manufacturers

Fresh from his battle with Viacom, Spike Lee moves closer towards becoming the African-American Woody Allen with his next project, which for the moment is simply being called “The Spike Lee Fall Classic.”

What’s it about? Something about pharmaceutical companies, maybe. Based on casting call sheets obtained by, the film seems to be an ensemble piece which takes place in and around a company called at Hygia Pharmaceuticals. Keeping with the secrecy of the project, the character descriptions are quite brief indeed:

Ahmad: Middle-Eastern/Indian. Street coffee vendor.
Alexander Guerrero: Latina, mid 20s. A stunningly sexy paralegal.
Evelyn: African-American, 30s. Stunning yet stern. Says what’s on her mind.
Fifi: African-American, Six foot eight or taller. Strong.
Franco: Italian-American, late 20s to early 30s. Not that smart.
Ginger: White, 30s. A lonely waitress working at a nearby all night diner.
Gloria Reid: African-American, mid 40’s. Jack’s attorney. Smart/tough.
Leilani: Polynesian, mid 30s. A large woman, 250 lbs., with a radiant smile and a squeaky voice.
Leland Powell: White, mid 30s. CEO of Hygeia. Privileged, arrogant and selfish.
Lucy: African-American, late 20s to early 30s. Beautiful.
Magda: Latina, early 30s. A beautiful, shy and nervous woman.
Margo Hardwick: White, mid 30s to early 40s. COO at Hygia. A tough cookie and team player.
Nadiyah: African-American, mid 30s. An attractive business woman.
Nino: Italian-American, late 20s to early 30s. Tough.
Oni: Asian, early 30s. Beautiful, has a distinguished look. Spiritual.
Professor Dr. Herman Schiller: German, 50s. A very small yet distinguished
man, one of the foremost biotechnologists in the world. He speaks with a thick accent.
Rachel: Jewish, 30s. An attractive brunette. Intellectual.
Rocco: Italian-American, late 20s to early 30s.
Ruby: African-American, 30s. Six foot two, 275 lbs. Larger than life. A Harley Davidson biker babe.
Stacey: African-American, Six foot eight or taller. Speaks her mind.
Ticha: African-American, Six foot eight or taller. Rough & tough.

Filming is scheduled to begin in New York in October. Lee will produce along with long time collaborator Jon Kilik. No distributor has signed onto the project at this time.

“Spike Lee Fall Classic” Scorecard
Director: Spike Lee
Producers: Jon Kilik, Spike Lee
Casting Director: Kim Taylor-Coleman
Production Company: 40 Acres and a Mule Productions
Production Start Date: October, 2003
Shooting Locations: New York