“Ultraviolet” Searching High and Low for "Perfect Little Boy"

Milla Jovovich’s next film, about a woman who becomes the protector of a 9-year-old boy targeted for death in a world of humans versus vampires, is in search of the “perfect little boy,” according to FilmJerk.com sources. The Sony Screen Gems picture, which is set to start in either December 2003 or February 2004 in Shanghai depending on scheduling, is having a tough go at it in trying to cast an eight-year-old to small-ish 12-year-old for the lead part.

Named Six, the part is described in casting documents as the adjective and adverb-heavy “otherworldly, quiet, unique, fragile, smart, insightful and lonely boy who possesses an inner stillness.” According to our sources, Six grew up in a laboratory, his only friend a white lab rat. A sort of human petri dish, he gets caught in the middle of the “blood wars,” as his blood contains the antigen that could wipe out humanity. Although the film takes place in the 21st century, it is set some years in the future.

The casting documents note that they are “searching far and wide, as this little boy is the antithesis of the usual L.A. actor kids. We are open to any ethnicity, including those of any Asian, Latin/Hispanic or Indian/Middle-Eastern descent.”

Jovovich, whose character is named Violet in the film, will film this role after she finishes her work on the Alexander Witt-directed “Resident Evil: Apocalypse” (see our story here on that film). Kurt Wimmer (“Equilibrium”) wrote the script for “Ultraviolet” and will also direct.

The Scorecard
Director/Writer: Kurth Wimmer
Casting Directors: Justine Baddeley and Kim Davis-Wagner
Start Date: December 2003 or February 2004
Location: Shanghai
Production Company: Sony Screen Gems